Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Splish Splash

On Saturday, we took the chitlins to the splash park so they could...um...splash.  And play in the water, and enjoy the fresh air and frigid water.  This time last year, Chloe, was 4weeks old, and she spent her time at the splash park in the stroller, sleeping soundly to the sounds of the water fountain and kids screaming.  Around September, we actually attempted to take her in the water and she screamed and hollered and retracted her legs so fast, there was no chance baby girl was swimming.

Then, this year.  Ahhhh.  She loves it!  You can just tell by lookin' at her!  

Okay, so their coordinating Gymboree swim suits look way cuter on then they did on the rack.  I love 'em. Although, Chloe's was waayyy big.  It has the swim diaper built in, and it was so huge (size 6-12 months) that if she had an accident it surely would have ended up in the pool.  Good thing she didn't.  Oh, and me in a swim suit in April....egads! 

We stayed for an hour and had a soakin' good time with friends.  Now that baby likes it, I'm sure we'll be here often throughout the summer.

Credits to Becky for taking all of the pictures.  If it wasn't for you there wouldn't be a single picture of me with my kids - ever.  Love you!

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