Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Word{ish} Wednesday - Handsome & my first posted PS edit

Baseball is the only place in life where a sacrifice
is really appreciated.
~Author Unknown

I love this shot of handsome holding a baseball. 

He & Chloe will officially start school together on Monday. 

I wish for them what Handsome's big sister and Chloe's big sister have...


This photo also marks my first posted PhotoShop edit.  Okay, truthfully, I processed it in LR first.  I adjusted the W/B, I increased the blacks, then I applied the SurReal Preset from Presets Heaven.

Then, I took my already edited photo in to PS.  My SOOC image is below.


Now, I don't really know my way around PS very well, but I had a dinner/gabbing/learning session, with my friend, Bridgette awhile ago and I thought I could use something she showed me here.  So, I pulled out my notes, and I set to work removing that shoe from the photo.

I employed the use of my Lasso tool and it removed it mostly, but the ground looked weird in spots.  So, I used the clone stamp tool (or something like that) and copied the grass area on the right, and brushed it over the weird areas on the left.  Shoe - be gone.

Then, for fun.  I ran the Coffee Shop - Cream and No Sugar action. 

I'll get shoe at a time.


t.bird said...

i think it's a fabulous edit!
i don't know the first thing about PS.
i use LR3 for everything so far- i'm actually bidding on a CS5 copy right now- oy.

hurts my brain.

Liz said...

Go Carol - way to take that first step!!! :) I can't wait to come home so we can dine over PS.....

And he is such a cutie - growing up so fast!

Kate said...

Carol, both edits are fabulous. I'm partial to the color one, but I think it's because I'm partial to color pics. The image was really strong SOOC, too, though. :-)

What a handsome little man!

Jennifer said...

What a great shot, both before and after. The funny part is, I used to use PS all the time when I 'worked.' It was the nature of my business..I was in charge of Marketing and had a few graphic designers under me. Now that I have not used it in years, I am lost. You will eventually get the hang of it. It just takes time, like everything else. And I am sure that this little handsome boy will have a great relationship with could they not??

Ashley Sisk said...

I love your first edit...amazing work girl. So proud of you for diving into PS.

TV's Take said...

You are a million years ahead of me on this stuff. Good job though. Love the edits - but the original is excellent too!

Mama Hen said...

I love the black and white picture! So adorable! Like TV, I liked the original also. Great edits my friend! Have a wonderful weekend!

Mama Hen

Bridgette said... did such a great job! I love the black & white. Class #2 coming soon...

torie@twentyfivedesign said...

Love the first one! I can't wait to get my new camera because being without is hard!