Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reality Check

Well, we survived the first week of Kindergarten, but not without a serious reality check. 

Of course, this was MY reality check, not Cam's.  Cam adjusted brilliantly, just like I knew she would.  She loves school.  Every morning she says her "good byes" and "I love you's" from one side of the doorway while I stand on the other, then she scampers off to hang up her backpack. 

In the evenings, she is exhausted.  It's tough keeping her awake on the 20 minute drive to pick up Chloe from pre-school.  She's in bed and asleep by 8:00.  These are welcome changes for sure. 

But, there is this chunk of my day now that suddenly vanished.  The hours from 2:30 - 5, that used to be my own.  The hours where I would grocery shop, clean bathrooms, work out, or just veg out...poof gone.  These hours now belong to the taxi service that is picking up two kids from two different locations.  And now, once again, I am wondering "when in the world am I going to get this stuff done." 

I mistakenly thought that life would simplify a bit when Cam reached elementary school, but the truth of it is that life just got a little bit busier, a little bit more complicated as we now have two kids with two different schedules at two different schools.  And, now I'm starting to see a glimpse of what Momma's of older kids are talking about...driving them here, driving them there, homework, school activities, etc. etc...it's never going to get easier...the challenges are just going to change. 

So, we'll adapt.  This is going to be our new normal, and all the things that I stress about will get done eventually...or not.  It doesn't really matter.  What matters is that my kids are happy.


We are happy.

And the cleaning and scrubbing can wait.


Until we hire a housekeeper....


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

:-) I knew she would love school. Some days it get crazy here, my twins still take naps in the morning. So that is when I clean. For me this year we are getting use to homework. I have found that if we do not do it when my daughter comes home from school, we forget about it. That is the struggle for us. Hoping it will get better.

Ashley Sisk said...

That's a reality check for sure...and more evidence that everyone needs a housekeeper! I keep telling my husband and he doesn't believe me.

TV's Take said...

Today was our daughters first day of preschool and while only 2 mornings a week I actually have the case of the guilts for all this free time. Crazy I know! Best of luck keeping up with your busy family. Great pictures!!!

Liz said...

Maybe once you adjust to the new routine, things will start to fall in place... You'll figure out when to grab lunch with your bestie, clean the toilets, and work out.

But you know what's important .... as long as the kids are happy, you and hubs are happy, everything else can wait :)

I second the housekeeper.... JJ still won't go for it! UGH!

Ashley said...

I hate those schedule changes that cause you to lose time! But you are right, like with all things, we as moms adjust!

Jennifer said...

I have a feeling I am going to be feeling the same way in a few weeks. As some things get easier, it is expected that some things are going to get harder. Your new normal will be for a little while until something else happens...LOL! If the there is some dust on the tables and the floors aren't swept, well, then, so be it :)

Casey Martinez said...

I want to hire a housekeeper to! Yes please;0. I love that you, your hubby and your eldest gal had such a great time together! These pictures are darling!

Sassy said...

It is always difficult to get a new routine up and running. We are fortunate that our schedule for this school year fell into place pretty well but even still it has been an adjustment.

However after we had Braxton ANY freetime I had (which was minimal anyway) completely went out the window. Now I do nothing without him on my hip, a toddler at my feet or two little boys running circles around me. It's become such a way of life that I forget to even miss "me time". lol So I guess I don't feel like I am giving up too much this year. ha!

Sassy said...

I guess I should say "preschooler" now instead of toddler as Olivia did turn three this year. lol I almost forgot that she is so big already. :(

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm so glad she loves school! All the driving around is exhausting though. I'm not looking forward to that starting next week.
Love the pictures!

Mama Hen said...

I wish I had a housekeeper. better yet, I wish I could wiggle my nose like Bewitched and get it all done! The picture of you and your husband is wonderful. I hope you are well! Remember that it will all get done. Take a deep breath! have a great week!

Mama Hen