Saturday, June 4, 2011

SOOC Saturday - Breakfast Time

My Little Girl has her favorite things for Breakfast....yogurt and a handful of pacis.


Dancing in the RainIf you'd like to participate in SOOC Saturday, please click on the button and link up your straight out of the camera shot with Sassy! 


Sassy said...

Love it! So precious. I love how you use the light in your house Carol. Your pictures always have a very soft, content feel to them. Thanks for participating!

Oh and I don't know if you are getting my replies to your comments or not, but I left you one on my blog. :)

Ashley Sisk said...

Very cute!

Nessa said...

Love this... look at all those paci's My little one would be in heaven! I do not look forward to taking those away.

Jennifer said...

Ha.ha...looks like breakfast with Anthony...LOL!

Casey Martinez said...

oh my gosh this could not be more like my D!! When did she learn to eat /with a spoon by herself just curious;0?