Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Father's Day That Wasn't

It's odd having Father's Day and not spending it with the Hubs.  It's a Sunday, like any other Sunday, we went to church, and to Target, we fingerpainted, baked cupcakes, went to the park and swam in the pool...I took a moment here and there to text Hubs photos of the is Father's Day afterall, but it just didn't quite feel like it. 

Although, we didn't get to spoil him with breakfast in bed, or give him bear hugs in appreciation, I hope he knows just how much we adore him.  If I had to pick one quality about him as a Dad that I appreciate the most, it's this:

He is present. 


Present in the little moments like showing the girls hermit crabs in a bucket at the beach.  He is home just doing the the daily thing with us far more often than he's not.  He knows that the impact that we have on these two little lives will be our greatest accomplishment in life.  He makes us his priority. 

So, I'll write in his card tomorrow, and put the last few touches on his gift, and we'll celebrate soon. 

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, my Husband, and all the worthy Dads out there who enjoy the gift of children. 


LeeAnn said...

What a sweet post! Isn't it nice to have a hands-on dad? I feel for the moms out there that don't have that 50/50 parenting like we do. Chris is an amazing father! I hope he had a great day, wherever he was. :-)

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Beautiful post! How thoughtful and I love your "best" quality!

J.Mo said...

LOVE the "matching" swimwear!

Jennifer said...

I totally forgot that he was away (I just send you an email asking what you did..LOL). I am sure you do not need Father's Day to celebrate the kind of father and husband he is :) He knows how much you love and appreciate him!

Casey Martinez said...

what a sweet post to your husband and such a beautiful picture. I want to know what camera/lens you use cuz BOY I love the quality and color in your pictures! You have a great eye for pictures! Happy Father's Day to your hubby!!

Mama Hen said...

Beautiful picture and wonderful post! The most important thing is the time we share with our children.

Mama Hen

Nessa said...

THis is lovely... being present is so important. I you guys get to celebrate in person real soon... is it soon?

Sassy said...

Ok for some reason several of your posts never ended up on my reader. :( I was beginning to wonder where you've been! lol

Sorry I missed them all.

This post was lovely. Your girls are so fortunate to have a daddy like your hubby. And it's great for you as well to have the help!

PS LOVE the new blog look. :)