Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday - My Family Bits N Pieces

It's been awhile since I've done a Thankful post, but that doesn't mean that I have lost my perspective.  I know that His blessings are everywhere.  I know that my worries are small compared to some.  I know that things always work out for the best.  I know that my family is my lifeline.
Jan 2011_0123-1
Last Saturday, we went to two birthday parties at the same park, that were held at the same time, for two different children.  It was quite a convenient coincidence.  We spent hours playing outside in the wind and biting cold.   Okay, it wasn't that cold, but it was cold for us.  
Jan 2011_0156-1
The big girls found a tree that was begging to be climbed.  They climbed that tree.  They paused for a split second for photos.  They indulged in their friendship and they literally wore themselves out. 
Jan 2011_0135-1
I recently bought Chloe two new pairs of shoes from Pediped.  This morning, she put on her pink polka dot shoes and was ready to walk out the door for school when she notices that Sissy is wearing her brand new shoes that look just like hers (pictured above).  So, she ran inside and changed her shoes so that she and Camdyn were wearing the same ones.  I didn't ask her to, she just did.  My girls are finally embracing their sisterhood.  They share, they try to please one another, and Lord help me they are getting along. 

Jan 2011_0144-1
My big girl is becoming my biggest helper.  Chloe sometimes has trouble cooperating.  She usually does this when it comes time to change her diaper, or get in her jammies.  She's content to run around the house half naked and often shows us her obstinate side.  I've recently learned to summon Camdyn's help when this happens.  Cam will say, "Chloe time to get your jammies on," and low & behold the child cooperates.  Last night, Camdyn changed her first diaper with minimal assistance.  Chloe laid perfectly still so that Cam could change her.  Why she won't let me do it, I'll never know.  But, thank goodness she cooperates for her sister.  And, truthfully, I appreciate the help. 

So, what am I thankful for today?  I'm thankful for my family, for our health, for my ability to spew my memories in this space.  I realize that there isn't a promise of a tomorrow. Last night, Chloe woke crying for me at 2 am.  I went to her, and I rocked her while she was snuggled up in a blank for over an hour.  I felt nothing but content and peace that I am able to do that.  I realize that life can change in the blink of an eye .  I realize that each and every day should be celebrated, and I am Thankful.  God is good.


Jennifer said...

It is so sweet that the girls are embracing their sisterhood. It is moments when Chloe will listen to Cam that makes your heart melt. On the other hand....the fighting is not fun :) My boys are starting to do the same and it does make realizae what is important and that life is good :)

t.bird said...

they're so pretty- an i love the heart pocket pants!

SoFla Mama said...

Aww, what a beautiful post! Beautiful children. God is good :) thanks for the reminder.

Liz said...

Okay, I wish I didn't click on that link. Actually, I'm glad I did because I said a prayer for their family. They need it. It's hard to believe that this could happen. Great thankful post :)

J.Mo said...

You are one of my favorite people. You always make me smile. :) Thank you for being awesome. <3

Eastlyn and co. said...

Amen to our God being an awesome God and always so good. I'm glad for your ability to "spew memories in this place" for us to share with you. You are an incredible woman and mother.

TV's Take said...

Great post! It's sweet to see how the girls are connecting. Sisterhood, there really isn't anything like it. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a weekend full of special moments.

Kate said...

I'll be honest, Carol. I didn't read your post, and I'm definitely not clicking on that link. I have finally learned to wait until I'm not in the office. Yes, I'm commenting when I should be working ;-)

And I LOVE the pictures! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love this Carol! So very, very true. And I'm glad the girls are embracing their sisterhood! That's wonderful and such a blessing!

Sassy said...

Love this post! Family is truly such a blessing and you Carol are very beautifully blessed! But I know you don't need to be told that. ;)

It is so amazing to see siblings care for eachother and love on eachother. It melts my heart everytime. :)