Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday & Paper Mama Photo Challenge - Flowers

The photo challenge theme over at The Paper Mama this week is Flower.  

The Paper Mama

I picked this photo because I love Cam's expression in the background.  When I took the photo the yellow flowers were practically neon in color.  They were so bright it made Cam appear as a distraction in the background. 

So, I darkened it using filters, and created this old world, this was taken with the first camera ever invented, kind of look. Which is appropriate, as the garden where this photo was taken was created in the early 1900's. The quality of this photo matches the atmosphere of the garden.  Now, go visit the Paper Mama and check out all of the fabulous entries, and submit one of your own!

So, it turns out that I have a lot to be Thankful for this week!  Here Goes:

101).  The Positive Discipline webinar that was hosted by Jen at Heligirl last night.  I learned something last night and I can't wait to implement it
102).  The cute little old lady who stopped me in Publix last night and said "You have a beautiful family, you know that don't you?"  Why yes, I do, but I really should be more appreciative of them.  Thank you for taking the time to say that and to remind me of my blessings!
103).  Camdyn's new teacher.  I knew she was "good" but I didn't know she was this good!  She's creative, and a breath of fresh air, and Camdyn is already impressing me with the things she's learned
104).  The Rain.  It's been raining since Sunday, but last night, the girls and I took the time to run through puddles and get completely soaked, and we made a memory
105).  Coffee, specifically, a grande, nonfat, 3 pump white mocha
106).  Realtors that work long hours and have your back
107).  A Friend who took amazing pics of my girlfriend's Newborn Baby Boy.  Pics that evoke emotion and make me want to reproduce again. Shhh, don't tell Hubs.  Check out her work and give her some comment love.
108).  2lbs.  Because that is all I've gained back even though I've gone way off course with the eating healthy thing.
109).  My children, for being the source of my joy.  This morning as they passed Barbies back and forth in the car, I realized just how awesome it is that I have two kids.
110).  The Hubs.  He keeps me grounded, he reminds me not to take myself so seriously, and he loves me no matter what silly things come out of my mouth. 

And, y'all the best part about that Webinar last night, was that I was sitting at the computer for an entire hour, undisturbed.  And I did exactly what most over-extended, multi-tasking, time crunching momma's would do.  I edited vacation pictures while listening and participating!  Wheeee! 

So, tomorrow, coming at you just in time for the weekend, you will see our trip. 


Eastlyn and co. said...

Great post, Carol-it amazes me the thought you put into editing your photos! Positive discipline is a difficult concept to me. I mean I totally understand, yet it's so easy to slip back into what's familiar and comfortable (which is usually whatever we grew up with, like it or not). Kudos to you for taking the time to not only learn more about it but eagerly implement some of its concepts in your own child rearing. Off to check out Newborn Baby Boy. Have a great Thursday. -E

Liz said...

Aww such great pictures of Jaxon. He's a cutie and looks like his sister!! I love the picture of Cam, it does look like an old shot.... beautiful!

I'm so glad you are liking Cam's new teacher. I new this class would benefit Cam so much.. glad to hear you can already see the new things she is learning! :)

Bridgette said...

Thanks for the compliments Carol. You are always so good at making me feel like my photos are worth taking and I appreciate that! We are still up for a get together as soon as you say the word :)

janineb said...

its so important and step back to remember what makes us thankful. thank you for reminding me to do that!
and thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate the love :)

TV's Take said...

Great photo and great list! How lovely for that woman to express how beautiful your family is.

Nikki said...

Beautiful photos! Love the editing. Good luck!

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

The photo turned out really nice! Glad the "school" situation is working out after the stress before it began.

Mama Hen said...

Hey Carol! That picture is beautiful! That is great that your daughter's teacher is a breath of fresh air. I hope you are doing great!

Mama Hen

Amanda said...

those are great! and that picture is so awesome!