Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bedtime Battle Part II & Thankful Thursday

On the bedtime front: Thanks for all the advice.  The theme here is consistency, so that's what we are working on.

Tuesday night at 9:00 we decided to put a childproof lock on Cam's door knob. Oddly, the baby woke up at 8:15 that night and was running around happy as can be, and Camdyn was still awake, so we figured that now was a good time to deal with any crying, kicking, screaming that would ensue from the child being locked in her room. So, at 9:00 we shut the door to her room and a few minutes later she was crying, banging on the door, and begging for us to open it. We didn't....until we heard her trying to calm down her stuffies. She said, "Ned (her dinosaur) it's going to be okay, Momma will let us one one day." It was so sad and heart wrenching, so we opened her door and asked her to lay down, which she did.

Then, I sat calmly next to her and explained to her that she controls the door.  If she wants the door to stay open then she needs to stay in bed.  If she gets out of bed then I have to shut her door.  I explained that my job is to keep her safe, healthy and happy, and in order to do that she needs her sleep so that she can be well rested and can grow strong and learn more at school.  She asked me a few times to take the door knob off. I explained that when she learns to go to bed and stay in bed then I can do that, but until then the door knob will stay on her door.

She never got out of bed again that night.

Last night, she went to bed when asked.  I explained the rules.  I left her room and the door was open.  Not ten minutes later I noticed her light was on, she had to have gotten out of bed to turn on the light.  So, I go into her room, remove the toys she was playing with, turned out the light, and shut the door without talking to her, looking at her, or explaining what I was doing.  She was silent for a few minutes, and then she started to cry and beg and plead for me to open the door.  I didn't.  When she fell silent about 10 minutes later I started to get worried.  So, I went in to check on her and she was laying in her bed almost asleep.  I left with the door open.  She came out one time to go potty.  I let her do her thing, and then walked her back to her room without looking at her or talking to her.  She pleaded with me to pay attention to her and talk to her.  I didn't.  She fell asleep. 

Although, locking her in her room is not something I like doing, I think it is getting us somewhere.  She knows that I mean business and she knows that she needs to stay in bed.  We'll keep at it.  I'm still hoping for a night when we can shut off the lights, say our prayers, give hugs and kisses, and then that's it. 

If I can stay strong and consistent then maybe we'll get there.

Ten things I am Thankful for this Thursday:

61).  Friends like Liz who rescued me from the Chevrolet Dealership this morning. My car had an electrical meltdown and went bizerk on me and needed immediate service.  If it weren't for you I'd still be sitting there drinking stale coffee, eating doughnuts, and watching Regis & Kelly instead of getting paid.  On second thought, maybe I should have thought twice about calling you.

62).  Crayola because they make the best crayons and my girls love coloring everywhere and everything, including the floor at the mall

63).  The Hubs, because he works hard, and just won us a one-night stay at the Ritz.  I can hardly wait to cash that in next month.  I don't know what is more exciting...staying at the Ritz or having 24 hours without kids...

64).  Brynn Isabelle, my soon-to-be baby niece who is trying desperately to enter the world as I type this

65).  My Blogging Buddy Jen who is showing me the light, helping me get on twitter, and has taken interest in helping me be a better parent and blogger.  She has amazing perspective & advice on positive discipline and she's not only kind and genuine, but resourceful too!

66).  The South Beach Diet because I'm still down 4 lbs, which is half way to my goal!

67).  My baby girls who give me reason to smile at least 10 times a day.

68).  My faith because sometimes praying on it is the only thing that makes me feel better.

69).  Clean bathrooms.  I finally got to really scrub them yesterday, and now they are sparkling...for at least the next 24 hours.

70).  The completely unscheduled Saturday that is quickly approaching.


LeeAnn said...

I think you're doing great with the bed time stuff! I don't know if I would be as strong. I bet you by this time next week your problem will be solved!

How did you get so lucky as to have an unscheduled Saturday? If you're bored, feel free to head up this way...I can definitely give you something to do. LOL

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Sounds like you are on your way. I too know what you mean about the door being locked but you are using it to teach, it is not something you intend to keep doing on a regular basis.

This is good, I may have to use this if I need to, to get my daughter to go to bed. I haven't really tackled that but VPK is beginning and I've already warned her she will be going to bed at the same time her brothers do to get enough rest for school.

Mama Hen said...

I love a clean bathroom also! Bedtime routines can be quite challenging at times. It sounds like you are doing what works for you and you just have to stick with it and keep explaining. Try using the codes on the mainpage. :) Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Heligirl said...

Yeah!!! Excellent work Carol. I'm so psyched that you found something that's working for you. I'm going to refer to this post in my article, if that's OK with you. You're definitely an inspiration. :)

And thanks for the shout out. I'm grateful for you too. Being able to help people really makes me feel great and you've been such a wonderful support as well. Hugs and enjoy the Ritz!!

Alana, Author of Domestically Challenged said...

Congrats! I have two with sleep issues too and it's a toughie. Good for you for being willing to try different things and stick with it - more parents would have success if they did this.

Take care! :)

Mama Hen said...

Hey Carol, I hope you have a good night with much rest tonight! I fixed the code. It should not be a problem now. Thank you for joining! Have a great night!

Eastlyn and co. said...

Carol-thanks for checking in on me. It's been a hectic week, but all is relatively well. Swing back by for Five Question Friday if you get a chance. I love the way you told Miss Camdyn that SHE controls whether the door is open or closed. It's just so important that kids know that they do have some control over their environment sometimes. I know it's not easy, but hang in there. Your consistency will pay off. -EW

Sassy said...

I'm glad the bedtime thing is starting to work for you guys. As a parent it can be so hard to stick to your guns, even when you know you have to!

Have a great weekend!

TV's Take said...

Sounds like the bedtime battle is slowing winding down - good job! Also congrats to you and your husband for your upcoming RITZ stay, oh la la. Thanks for stopping by!