Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Spotlight

I can't believe I actually get to leave work at noon!  Wheeee
Bake Chicken
Clean the tub
Mix up pot pie
Man, I can get a lot done in an hour when I have the house to myself
Go to the gym.  Am I actually at the gym?  Wish I looked like that chick, I gotta work out more
Grocery Shop - This Publix is giant, it's got a great bakery...umm....doughnuts for Sat. Morning
Pick up the kiddos
Hi - How was work?
Seriously, I made dinner, no, really, I did. 
Thanks, Babe.  It probably does taste like my best pot pie evah
Swim time after dinner
Bath time

Why are they both up at 6:30? 
Coffee - need coffee, oh, and a doughnut!
Does Chloe sound wheezy?  I should take her to the dr.
Really, she needs the nebulizer?  Grrrreeaaat.
Party at the Splash Park - okay, seriously, having 2 kids is no longer a good excuse.  How are these women so ripped?
Quiet Time
What's for dinner.  I dunno?  Corn. Teehheee.  Carrabbas?  Even better.  Oh, I know, lets get a sitter! 
Can't find a sitter, will this work?

Okay let's order out and stay in
You order dinner while I play tea party

And puzzles

Kids are exhausted, we'll get em in bed early
Ummmm, this is the best alfredo and shrimp ever, it's practically diet food.  No wonder I don't look like Tanner's mom
Ohhh, you rented Avatar, let's watch it.  Where's my beer?
I thought this movie was a cartoon.  Okay, I'll shut up and just watch
Can't believe I stayed awake for the whole thing.  It's 11:00.  

Ugh.  Chloe has a fever.  Do you want to stay home with her or should I?
Hallelujah / Amazing Grace, sing, pray, give thanks, prayer requests
Is Chloe still sleeping?  Okay.  I'll take Cam to McD's to run around so we don't come home and wake her
Sorry sweetie, I can not go up that slide with you, mommy is wearing a dress
Man, this is the weekend of birthday parties....Can 4 year old's really bowl?
Sweetie, I know the shoes are ugly, but you have to wear them if you want to bowl
Okay, don't wear them and don't bowl.  Mommy doesn't care.
See, I told you bowling was fun, I am proud of you for wearing those ugly shoes
Are you really watching Jersey Shore?  It's a marathon...great.  I'm going shoppin' be back in a few
I need new mascara.  What happened to Prescriptives?  They went out of business a year ago?  WHAT? My mascara can't be a year old?  That's crazy.  No wonder my eyes are itchy. 
Clairins?  Never heard of it.  Whatever.  I'll buy a tube.
Dinner....leftover pot pie. 
Swim time.  Scoop Cam, you have to scoop, you can't just kick your legs, get those arms moving too
Chloe can't breathe!  Turn the shower on and let's steam her up.  Okay.  That helped.  I'll have to take her to the doc in the morning.  Man, daycare kids are sick all the time.  This blows.
Go Go Lake Show!

So, it's Monday ya'll and I'm home with a quasi-sick baby.  Which is fine by me, cause Mondays make me wanna do this...

 So, what did you do this weekend?


Anonymous said...

The kids in the dog crate is too much. And yep- Chloe pretty much sums up the way Monday's feel. That could be a greeting card photo! Hope Tuesday is better my dear!

LeeAnn said...

Awesome post! It sounds like one of my crazy weekends!

I'm so sorry Chloe is sick. You are so right, though...daycare kids are always sick. My 2 year old has been good this year, so I think her immune system might just be awesome from all the sickness she got as a baby. My little guy, on the other hand, had a rough winter. I hope your sweet little girl feels better soon!

Amanda said...

Love the crate pic!!! And love this post! Avatar was rented in our house this weekend too...only I didn't make it up.

Britt said...

Oh my word! You HAVE to save the last picture for your daughter when she his older! She will love it... or use it for bribing tactics!!!