Sunday, May 30, 2010

S-E-X is a Privilege

Camdyn has been using the word "foofy-head" a lot lately and it is over-the-top annoying.  We keep telling her that is "potty-talk" and she can only use that word in the potty, but that's not really helping, it's still her go-to word.

So, this morning, we are all dolled up.  The girls are donning their matching dresses featured in my header, and we are driving to Church.  Before we are down our street Camdyn says, "Daddy, you are such a Foofy-head."  My response, "Camdyn that is potty talk - if you say that word again you will lose a privilege."  [the privileges we take away most often; her TV time, her treat before bedtime, or swimming].  So, we drive about a mile and somehow in conversation Hubs says the word "poop."  My eyes widen and I realize that Hubs just did a potty-talk and what is reprimand-able for Cam should also be reprimand-able for Hubs, right, or no?

ME:  Daddy! That is potty talk!  You can only say that word in the potty.  If you say it again, I will have to take away one of your privileges

CAM:  Uh oh Daddy.  You better watch your words

HUBS:  Oh, no!  Don't take away my S-E-X ::spells so as not to offend little ears:: privilege
             Wait.  I lost that privilege a long time ago.
Me:  Yeah, you did.

Next time, I'll probably bypass on making an example out of Daddy.


Krista said...

LOL! That is so funny! Poor Daddy.....;)

Amanda said...

hahahah.... I am still giggling at "foofy-head"

Michelle & Jimmy Rivas said...

Carol, this made me laugh out loud! :)