Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chloe Belle

It's been a bit of a whirlwind since Xmas and I have totally neglected my blog. I'll have to play catch up later...but this is a start. Miss Chloe turned 9 months old on 12/19 and just yesterday had her well visit. She was a doll baby and didn't even cry during the toe prick and subsequent squeeze. She babbled and cooed and smiled at Dr. Meyer. Even he couldn't even resist kissing her on the top of her bald baby head.
Chloe's stats: 15 lbs. 6 oz, 28" long and she sits in the 5th percentile for weight and the 50th for height. She has gained about a pound and a half since her 6 mo. visit and she has grown 3 inches! It appears that she lost some weight this month due to the rota virus which plagued our whole family for a few days....poor Chloe battled it for 10 days! The doctor isn't concerned by her petite-ness. He said, "I wish I saw more skinny babies." Funny, cause when I brought chunky monkey Camdyn in to see him he'd say, "She's big and healthy and perfect." Babies come in all shapes and sizes and they are all adorable! I'm so glad I got one of each...makes it easier to tell them apart in their baby pictures :)
So, what's Chloe doin? She's crawling on her hands and knees and she is losing that timid, "am I doing this right?" hesitation. She is linking a lot of vowels and consonants together and I'm just waiting for her to spit out "ball" or "dog." She does say Dada and Mama randomly. She is also waving "hi" and can pull herself up onto her knees. Chloe is also eating Organic Puffs now, for her first solid food, and we also mixed in a little fruit this month....pears and bananas!
Camdyn still adores her baby sister. This morning Cam was laying on the couch and I placed Chloe on top of her like she was riding a horse. Camdyn grabbed her little starfish hands and said, "Gidyeeup Chloe" and then bounced her around a bit. They looked so cute together! Chloe laughed and laughed. I'm sure these sisters will share a lot of good times.
So, Chloe is growing up and it won't be long until she is pulling up to standing and first words are flying out of her mouth. I'm still trying to hold on to not only my sanity but every minute of babyhood that Chloe has left in her. I know I'm really going to miss these days...

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