Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowed out at Disney!

Yes, you read that right and it happened in Florida. Originally, we planned our annual trip to Disney World the weekend in December that Chloe & Camdyn had the rota virus. I cancelled the trip thinking that it wouldn't be any fun to drag two crappy kids to the happiest place on earth. Well, turns out that would have been better than enduring Disney THIS past weekend. Being that I had already cancelled and re -booked the trip once, Expedia showed no mercy when I attempted to rebook it again. So, kids, it's 3o degrees out and we are headed to Disney World! We packed our warmest clothes, I bought a weather shield for the stroller and we thought we would brave the weather and just hope that we would, at the very least, take advantage of light crowds. When we woke up on Saturday morning, it was 27 degrees and raining. OH NO! This made the cold even more unbearable and the last thing we wanted was 2 sick kids, so Chris and I had to come up with a Plan B.

Camdyn plays in our hotel/condo on Saturday morning. Surprisingly, she isn't really disappointed about not going to Disney World. The digs are great at Mike Ditka's Runaway Beach Club...this is our FAVORITE place to stay when we do Disney. Having a full kitchen, and a separate bedroom are a must have now, especially when traveling with a baby.

Around 10:30, we bundled up the girls and headed to Downtown Disney. We shopped and Camdyn bought a baby Bambi stuffed animal and then we had lunch with the Dinosaurs at T-Rex. Camdyn thought they were real and it was really cute to watch her try and touch them and then pull her hand back in fear when they moved.

Chloe enjoys her lunch in the Ice Cave, she ate cereal, with crayons for dessert. The walls turned different colors and that really kept her attention.

Playtime at the hotel. Chloe tries to pull up to standing

Later that evening I took Camdyn to Arabian Nights to have dinner and watch the horse show. She wore her "Cutest Cowgirl" shirt and we had a blast watching all the pretty horses (and the princesses/knights too).

So, the weekend didn't turn out how we intended, but we had a great time despite the weather. We actually saw some snow flurries on Saturday night and we knew that we made the right decision. I will bring Camdyn to the Magic Kingdom when it warms up in a few weeks....I guess maybe the 3rd time is a charm!

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Liz & Jim Johnson said...

Looks like you still had a great time! I'm glad you got to spend time with just Cam for the horse show, I'm sure she enjoyed that time with her mommy!! :)