Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekly Highlights - Oct. 5 - 9

I love this picture of Miss Belle. She looks so sly, like she is plotting something against the world. Love it! This past Sunday I ended up having to take Chloe to a baby shower with me. She was such a doll. She sat on a blanket and played and looked cute the entire time, save for 20 minutes that she spent sleeping on my shoulder like an angel. I can't remember the last time that my p'nut slept on my shoulder. Proof enough that she is quickly becoming a big girl.

Speaking of big girls, Chloe is sitting like champ. She rarely falls over and has pretty much skipped the whole "tripod" phase where they kind of prop themselves up on their hands to help them stabilize in the seated position. She is blowing tons of bubbles (or motorboating, whichever term you prefer) and does it when she is really happy and really ticked off. It's kind of hard not to laugh at 3 am when she is motorboating ferociously because she is so mad that we have to take time to change her diaper instead of just feeding her. Chloe developed some head congestion this week and that's made nap times and the nighttime a tad miserable for everybody. Hopefully, this will clear up soon....hello saline nose drops.

Last weekend Chloe sat in a high chair at Chick Fil A for the first time. She seems so tiny sitting in that big chair. Her wittle wegs barely hung out of the weg holes. But, she loved it as you can clearly see. I had a sudden mommy moment of panic about the germs and decided that since we didn't have a cover for the chair maybe if we put one of Camdyn's dresses (a spare I carry) over it that would save her from the germs. It kinda worked and kinda didn't...maybe that is where the head congestion came from??? Anyway, Chloe was sporting the shades and looking cute as sin and we had a great time!

Now, it's Camdyn's turn. The child's had a busy week, she spent some time painting (yes, we always paint naked, or at least semi- naked and usually right before bath time). She painted some pictures, some cut-out elephants, and some mini pumpkins. I can't believe it's this time of year already. Camdyn also watched Snow White for the first time and the witch scared her pretty badly. She even asked us to turn the movie off. But being the good mom I am, I sat close to her, snuggled her and then forced her to watch the rest so that she could see that the Witch goes away forever and that Snow White wakes up! Yes, she had nightmares that night and Chris spent 3 hours sleeping next to her bed...on the floor! Good daddy!
Camdyn's Moment of the Week: This morning, we were having a rushed morning (as usual) and the rule is that Camdyn must use the restroom and wash her hands prior to entering the classroom. So, we all go to the bathroom (Chloe in my arms) as she accomplishes this task. Well, she was dawdling this morning, playing with the stall door, and just generally wasting time. I said, "Camdyn, GO POTTY. Your job is to listen to mommy and do what I say." Her response, "No! My job is Fish Feeder!" I'll just leave it at that...funny child.

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Alcala Family said...

So cute, precious, adorable and priceless all at the same time. Love the stories and pics.