Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The 'Soll Weekend Update

10/17/09 Last weekend was definitely busy! On Saturday Camdyn did Gymnastics. She loves this class and can now do an endless number of perfect sommersaults. We signed her up for another 5 sessions, so there should be more pics to come as she learns to backbend and handstand.

In the evening we ran in a benefit for the Arthritis Foundation. Camdyn ran the 100 meter Monster Dash and I ran (well, mostly ran, partly walked) the 5K. It was a lot of fun, although Camdyn got a little spooked during her race and cried, and then got upset that she didn't win. Now that she knows how the race works, she's excited to try one day. As for me, I realized that I am desperately out of shape and really do enjoy running. Hopefully, this will inspire me to lace up my running shoes and get my buns running more often. My time was 34 min. 17 sec...not too shabby being that I hadn't run in at least 15 months and only jogged 3 times prior to the race. Go me!

10/18/09 On Sunday, I celebrated the big 3-2 with a trip to a small pumpkin patch just outside of town. Camdyn was a bit of a handful and trouble with her "listening ears" but overall it was a good time. Chris gifted me with a new camera for my birthday, so I was practicing with the settings and enjoyed taking a TON of pictures. This camera is so amazing...if it had wheels, I could drive it! With the shutterspeed on this thing, I won't miss any of those perfect moments. I even took some pretty cool pictures of Camdyn on the swings, which is really had to do with a PHS (push here stupid) camera. Thanks, Babe! I love my present!
**all pics in this post were taken with my new Canon Rebel T1i

10/19/09 Miss Chloe Belle also celebrated her 7 month birthday with a trip to the park and a splash in the tub. She's only gained about 1/2 a lb. since last month, and she's still my little p'nut. She is beginning to recognize the word "Up." When, I say the word and hold out my hands, she'll lift her arms up so that I can lift her. It's so fun to watch this progression as they begin to put words and movements together. Chloe is also noticeably aware of my presence. In the mornings, she's happy and giggly as daddy changes her diaper and dresses her, but once she sees me (or the milk factory) she starts to cry for food. Yes, she's got it all figured out. Chloe also tried peas for the first time today, but that deserves a post of it's own :)

Isn't she beautiful! I've been in a battle with myself this week over flu shots and that has morphed into a debate about the safety of all vaccinations. I'm proud that I'm reading and educating myself, but wish that I would have done this while I was pregnant the first time instead of now. But, better late than never.

After losing countless hours of sleep over the issue, I've decided that our family will fore go all flu shots this season. We didn't get them last year and H1N1 flu (although media awareness is heightened) is about the same as the regular flu, it's just getting a lot more attention. We will supplement, take hygiene precautions, and pray that the good Lord keeps our family healthy. I've been reading "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Robert Sears at the recommendation of my step sister, Gretchen. Wow. It's really opened my eyes, and I'll be making some adjustments to Chloe's vaccination schedule. I do want her to have all vaccines that are relevant to infant health, but want to space them out and fore go the shots for illnesses that are not common in the US or that have higher risk factors. So, I'm learning and I feel at peace with our choices. Finally, I'll be able to get some rest, if only Chloe would sleep through the night!

**Thanks, Gretchen, for the unbiased information and the recommendation that we make the choice that best suits our family's needs. You've been most helpful!

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