Friday, August 21, 2009

Hi-dee Ho to Baltimore We Go

Last Wednesday we packed up the family and headed to Baltimore to visit Auntie Liz and Uncle JJ. The idea of a trip with two tots had me a bit freaked out. I mean, all that stuff we had to lug there, and Chloe being a somewhat temperamental baby, and Camdyn doesn't usually have her listening ears on...I was NERVOUS. It turns out that once we got all of the STUFF through security, the kiddos traveled quite well by plane. Camdyn watched movies the entire flight and Chloe entertained herself and then fell asleep in daddy's arms. Whew!
Once we arrived in Baltimore we were greeted by the Johnson's at the airport and Camdyn was so excited to see Uncle JJ. She even chose to ride home in his truck instead of with mommy and Liz! We spent the next four days with them in their downtown apartment and enjoyed the city life. We walked to restaurants and the aquarium. There was so much to see! We bought jewlery from a street vendor and watched a street performer ride a unicycle and juggle. Camdyn got to see the huge ships in the harbor and of course, we took in an Orioles game too!
I'm really glad that we made the trip there. It was so great that JJ got to finally meet Chloe, and that I got to see Liz as pregnant as she would ever be. Baby Abigail was born just two short days after we got home.

All in all, it was a great experience for Camdyn and wonderful for us to figure out that we can manage travel as a family of four!

Camdyn and Uncle JJ the first night we arrived in Baltimore. She couldn't get enough of him!

When Camdyn woke up the first morning she looked out the window and said, "Look, Mama! A City - A big City with Towers!" I guess we don't really see the city much in our sleepy little beach town. Out of their 4th story window you can see a traffic circle below with a monument in the middle. There was a Starbucks and a Haggen Dazs just outside the front door of the building....that was definitely convenient!

Camdyn and Auntie Liz walking to the aquarium. She is wearing an elephant outfit that Uncle JJ bought for her and of course...she is carrying "Khan Kuay" her stuffed elephant.

Camdyn gives kisses to Baby Abigail outside of the Aquarium. JJ also bought some Dip N Dots ice cream and got her good and sugared up before we went inside. He said he was going to give her a sugar rush and then she would crash out when we got home. "You're welcome," he said.

Camdyn saw a big daddy puffer fish at the aquarium and this is her impression!

Camdyn smiling outside of the aquarium on our final full day in Baltimore

Baby Chloe at her first Orioles game on Friday night. Every time the crowd would cheer she would cry...well, until she got used to it. She was a trouper and made it through until the end of the game. She fell asleep in 2 seconds once we boarded the golf cart to be driven to the car. She slept all the way home! (Liz - thanks for the Orioles shirts, the girls will get a lot of use out of them)

Baby Chloe getting her first swim (almost - she didn't have her suit on) in the pool on the 8th floor. It looks like she likes it! The views from the Roof Top Terrace were amazing!

I was able to meet up with Lacey and have lunch on Saturday afternoon. This was also a highlight from the trip. Thanks for driving in Lacey - It was so great to see you!

Who knew that Abby would make her debut two days after this picture was taken. Thanks, Liz for hosting us! We can't wait for you to come home in October. Chloe wants to meet her new best friend!


Liz & Jim Johnson said...

Love all the pictures.... we had such a fun time! Just wish you would have been here a few more days! :)

Alcala Family said...

Great Pictures. You and Liz both look who just had a baby and one who is about to have a make those that aren't in either category look bad. Anyhow, sounds like you had a great time!!!