Thursday, August 27, 2009

Could they BE any cuter?

So, today I picked 3 new pictures to blah, blah about for awhile. The first one is of Camdyn after she got her face painted at Chick-a-lay (Chick-fil-A) last Tuesday evening. She loved her "mermaid face" so much that she slept with the paint on and wore it the next day to school. Unfortunately, after having the paint on her skin for so long, her forehead is now green, even though the paint was removed with soap and water. She's still cute, even with a green forehead! As you probably already know, this child is a riot. Her favorite phrases right now are, "Mama, you are are so crazy" and "What's your problem?" She also calls Chloe, Chloe Pablo. When I ask her why she'll say, "Well, we can call her Chloe Pablo or Chloe pick, mama." I try and explain to her that neither name is actually Chloe's middle name, but it doesn't really matter....she's Miss Belle, or Chloe Pablo now!
The 2nd picture I took of a poster that Camdyn's teacher, Miss Vanessa, made and hung outside of the classroom. Camdyn had Miss Vanessa as a teacher last year, and fortunately, has her again this year. She adores her as you can clearly see by her response to the question. Other children focus on the toys and the objects in the classroom, but my kiddo accounts Miss Vanessa as her favorite thing. As rough, rowdie, and challenging as she can be, she sure is sweet. Talk about making your heart melt!
The 3rd picture Camdyn insisted that I take last night. She suddenly loves to hold baby Chloe on her lap. She'll wrap her little arms around her and hug her tight and give her kisses on the back of her head. She told me last night that she wouldn't kiss Chloe on the mouth because she doesn't want her "sloppy, wet, germs to get in my mouth." CUTE! Anyway, it looks like Chloe really likes it. I can already tell that Chloe is going to adore her older sister. She watches her every move and even when she is fussy and cranky, she will calm down when big sissy is in her view. She quiets just enough so she can focus on what Camdyn is up to.
Life is so full of blessings and I have two little miracles to remind me of that daily!

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