Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Bow in the Bowl

I promise I will post photos and info about our fabulous trip to Baltimore soon. I just couldn't wait to share this somewhat hilarious story from our trip.

So, there we are, all four of us waiting at BWI airport for our return trip home. Camdyn is playing with her elephants, Chloe is batting at toys hanging from her bucket and I just started to indulge in an ice cold coca-cola. Suddenly, I realized that Camdyn was no longer sporting the cute, bright pink hair bow that had adorned her pony tail. I said, to Chris, "What happened to her bow, did she lose it?" I immediately took a sip of my soda. His response, "It fell in the toilet, but I saved it before she peed on it." I laughed so hard I choked on my soda and had tears welling in my eyes. It took me nearly 3 minutes to compose myself, all the while Camdyn was asking, "Momma are you okay, is the soda in your pipes?"

Tell me, Christopher, what exactly was that moment like? How long did you ponder the thought, do I reach into this airport toilet bowl and save the pretty bow, or do I flush it? He must have made a split second decision to save the bow and boldly dipped his un-rubber gloved paw into the bowl to fish it out...and before she peed on it!

He then cleaned it with soap and wrapped it in napkins and stuck it in his back pocket. Crisis adverted? No, not quite. So, we get home and unpack and the following night I ask him for the toilet bow. He says, "Uh, I think I threw it out..." So, this leads to a little garbage digging, because the man did not stick his hand in an airport toilet for nothing!

The sad end to this story is that we never did find the bow. But we have this funny story to share and Chris can revel in the fact that he is an amazing daddy. He would go to any length for his little girls! Love you, babe!

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