Monday, July 25, 2011

The Last Monday...Ever. Ever. Ever.

I can hardly believe it.  As I dropped Camdyn off in her classroom this morning the only thought racing through my mind was  - This. Is. It.  Her final Monday of Pre-School.  4+ years coming and going with her, through these doors, down these hallways, and it all comes down to this...her final week. 

Sure, I'll still be coming and going with Chloe, and we still come and go to Church every Sunday...but she won't ever have be a student here again. 

I spent hours this weekend organizing photos from school and compiling them in to a slide show...I found some treasures:

Baby Cam (in the purple) in the infant room...she was probably 15-18 months old.


Toddler Cam on Red day when the children were learning their colors - Chloe is in this room right now and about this age.
Cam Red

Camdyn and her Best Friend on Tea Party Day when they were 3.  Funny how I thought they were getting so big.  And now, I look at these photos and they still have BABY written all over them. 

This little treasure was just given to me this morning by Camdyn's former teacher.  I don't really know what she is singing, but she is singing by herself and her classmates are listening, and the 20 sec. clip is worth the click...well, if you are in to cute :)

I'm sure I'm going to spend a large part of my week reflecting on the last 4 years, wishing that time would just slow down, and that I could hold on to this a little longer. 

But, I'll do my best to do exactly what my 5 year old is doing...she's looking forward to the future; Horse Camp, a week with Gramma, a trip on a big boat (cruise) and Kindergarten are all on the horizon.  She's giddy with excitement about that.

She's probably not going to lament what she's leaving, she's only looking forward to what's lying ahead of her.   

I'll try...I'll really try.


TV's Take said...

Ahh, how sweet! It's shocking to see how much the girls look alike when Cam was younger. Sounds like good time ahead...

Liz said...

I can't believe this is Cam's last week of Pre K. Watching her grow up and become quite a little lady over the past years has been so much fun.

I'm so excited for the times ahead ... she is gonna do great :)

And that video - adorable!

Nessa said...

Oh my... my mommy heart is happy and sad for you. I think mom's get all the growing pains. Enjoy your summer and take cues from her by getting excited for kindergarten.

Jennifer said...

I told is going to be harder on us than it is on them...LOL! Cam has had a great 4 years in this school and it has helped her to grow and develop. And although she probably will not ever remember these earlier years, you will have the memories with you forever! That video at the end was great :)

Mama Hen said...

So adorable Carol! It is amazing how the time flies! Congratulations to your little one! I can't believe our girls are heading to Kindergarten. Enjoy your summer!I just finished decorations for our big celebration in the morning. Five years old came so fast. Have a great night my friend!

Mama Hen

Casey Martinez said...

I am going to be the SAME way when Daisy is moving on from preschool to k school. It's bittersweet...really, every time our little ones move on up to something in life it is wonderful and we are so proud but, so sad to see that little person becoming bigger and bigger. Sigh. These pictures are darling! Good luck this week momma!

Amy and Luke said...

Hey! found your blog through another one! I'm a new follower! Good luck to your daughter and her 'big girl' life...ha

Warren Baldwin said...

Transitions. They are tough. We are facing a transition with our youngest daughter in about 4 weeks. College. She is at a Bible Camp this week with her brother in Wyoming, so we are getting a taste of empty nest.

Transitions are tough. But they are a good sign, too. It means things are progressing as they are supposed to. Realizing that helps ease (at least for me) some of the pain and sense of loss (change).


Ashley Sisk said...

Man...they grow up way too fast.

LeeAnn said...

I'm so glad Rylie isn't the only kid who just belts out random songs. LOL