Monday, July 18, 2011

My Kinda Party....

Our weekend was anything but ordinary. 

The hubs was in Miami for a "work trip."  He won a contest at work and the prize was an all expense paid trip to Miami for the weekend.  He went deep sea fishing with 5 other guys who also won the trip and they had great time.

I was on the home front with the girls, although I had plans of my own.  I had tickets for a sold out concert at my favorite venue on Friday night.  So, at 5:00 my friend Liz came over to play with the girls and I met up with some friends and we headed out to see Jason Aldean.  The storm clouds were really looming and threatened to make our night really memorable.  I figure seeing a concert in pouring rain must be like playing soccer in a only makes it better!

These photos are courtesy of my cell phone...

I have never seen so many people at this venue before.  Needless to say, the people watching was sublime.  And by some freak force of nature it never rained during the show.


We had a great time singing along and screaming when we were supposed when Jason said "How y'all doin' out there on the lawn?" 

The lawn is where it's at.  We listened to good music and embraced our inner redneck on the lawn that night.
2011-07-15 20 59 31

The show was one of the better ones I've been to.  If you have no idea who Jason Aldean is, you can read the review here.  And, it sure was nice to have a night out with the girls.  Of course, getting up with the kids early on Saturday morning wasn't a cake walk, but how can you not smile when this is what you wake up to?
2011-07-17 10 04 29

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend!


Mama Hen said...

That last picture is way too cute! It looks like a fun filled weekend! Great pictures! That is fabuous that your hubby won that trip! What fun! I hope you have a great week my friend!

Mama Hen

Ashley Sisk said...

You girls know how to have a good time. I bet that was an awesome show.

Jennifer said...

I am so glad to hear that you had an awesome time embracing your inner redneck...LOL! It looks like fun and I love you in the hat. Sometimes events like that are the best, even if it had rained :) It must have been nice to let loose and know that the kiddos were okay and the hubs was having his own fun. That is my kind of party too :)

TV's Take said...

Love those pictures and I love girls night out. That pic of Chloe Belle is adorable - we should all wear sunglasses that way - life would be way more fun!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

We love Jason A. but I have to agree Sugarland was better here too! She is just amazing & really entertaining when up there performing! We have alot in common!

Anonymous said...

How FUN! I have to admit I'm a little bit jealous. My friends and I make sure we have a girl's night at least once a month, but we live in such a rural area that concerts are out of the question unless we travel pretty far. So we usually hang at someone's house and EAT! Which is still a blast, don't get me wrong, but I want to dance on a lawn! :0)