Friday, July 1, 2011

Flashback Friday - Give Her A Day

What can you give to one small girl?
A diamond ring, a baton to twirl?
A pretty pink dress with lots of bows,
or dainty sandals that show her toes.
A walk in the woods, a romp in the park,
a shopping trip from dusk till dark?
A shiny new bike, a kitten for a pet?
No, there's still time for such things, yet...


Give her a day of her very own.
Just one small girl and her Dad alone.
Give her the gift that only you can,
the companionship of her old man.
Games are outgrown and toys decay,
but she'll never forget
if you give her a day.
~author Lisa Tasker

I still remember my 8th birthday.  My mom bought me a brand new velvet dress that was the deepest shade of purple.  It had a lace collar and cuffs and I was given a brand new silver purse to carry.  My Daddy picked me up and brought me to eat at the Mayflower Restaurant, which was fine dining at the time.  We ate, and I used my very best manners, and then he took me to a Piano concert which was being held in the auditorium at the college that I would end up attending 10 years later.  Afterwards he took me to a nightclub, where I sat on top of the baby grand piano, and was sung to by the staff, while I blew out candles on a cake that must have been there waiting for me.  He gifted me a pair of 14k gold bow-shaped earrings, which I still have today.

I felt so special and loved that night.  The whole world rested on my daddy's shoulders.  It was an evening that will always have a special place in my heart. 

This is my wish for my daughter on her 8th evening of similar splendor, just her and her daddy. 

Some traditions must simply carry on.


Jennifer said...

The memories that you have as a child are held so dear to your heart. I know that Cam is going to have that with her Daddy too!! Love that image of sweet :)

Casey Martinez said...

oh my goodness what a sweet sweet memory from your childhood!! What a great Dad you have too! I hope the same for your daughter as well. Makes me think back on my memories with my dad. I think going to a Dodger game with him for my BD was one of my fondest memories with him. all fades so fast.

Ashley Sisk said...

Love that poem and the photo. What a sweet memory.

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

I'm actually teary eyed as I read this what an awesome gift for you and hopefully for CAM. Not to mention that photo is totally gorgeous!

TV's Take said...

What a sweet memory and fun tradition. It's excellent that you are carrying it on.

Nessa said...

This is wonderful and such a great idea... I might have to borrow it!

Mama Hen said...

How beautiful! What a wonderful memory you have from your 8th birthday! The poem is lovely!

LeeAnn said...

Wow. What an awesome birthday you had! It sounds like such a special time! I know how much that meant to you, and I'm glad you can still cherish that day.

You know your girls will have memories like that of their dad too. :-)