Friday, February 25, 2011

Rockin' the Mullet

It's no secret.  Baby rocks a mullet and she has been, well, since birth.  The simple fact is that my kids can not grow hair.  Well, they grow hair, it's just at an alarmingly slow pace, similar to the way a roof ages, or grapes ferment.  It's an oddity, really, given that Hubs and I both have thick and curly hair. 

I've been pondering whether or not I should cut the back of her hair just to even it out, and I'm scared to do that because, well, it might be another two years before it grows again.  And frankly, one of these days I'm hoping I'll be able to comb it into piggytails.

Regardless....sure is the cutest little baby mullet - EVER!

Feb 2011_0122

Chloe Belle_Jammies_Splittone (1 of 1)

Happy Weekend, Y'all!


J.Mo said...

haha...I love her little mullet! I think it's super cute!!

TV's Take said...

Gotta love those baby mullets!

Jennifer said...

Ah...the mullet :) She looks cute no matter what. I would probably cut it....I see so many girls, especially recently, that have short hair. I have the opposite problem...Anthony literally came out with a full head of black hair. The day he was born it was in a mohawk and it has been unruly ever since..LOL! Have a great weekend Carol.

Kelley said...

Ha! That is an adorable little mullet! I think you should just let her hair grow. How else will it get long, right? She's beautiful!

Sunshine SAHM said...

Both of mine were born completely bald. It took us four months just to figure out they were redheads! :)

It took a year and a half for my little girl to get hair down to her shoulders, but then it just took off. Now she has plenty, and we recently put it in pigtails! I reluctantly trimmed it when she was a year and a half, but it's taken off since then.

You could just give it a trim, and you may be surprised at the results. Or, you could continue to let it grow... it really is adorable!

Ashley said...

We are right there with ya! It wasn't so bad with Nate cause on a boy you just keep trimming the back. Mia is totally going to have the mullet too. Love it!

LeeAnn said...

Mullets are cute on babies! :-) Don't hate me, but I actually had to get Rylie's hair cut before she was six months old because she was starting to rock the mullet. I just couldn't have it. LOL

Cat said...

Crazy as it sounds, someone suggested I buzz off all my son's hair for it to grow back. It worked! Of course, I'm thinking this may not be as cute on a little girl.

I agree with other comments, her mullet is cute :)