Monday, February 28, 2011

Is It Warm Enough To Swim? Perhaps.

We awoke on Saturday morning with absolutely no plans for the day, a rarity in our household.  The girls played quite contently while nibbling on doughnut holes, the crumbs from which are still spread across her chin and cheeks.

Feb 2011_0247

We played outside on the patio and the girls could NOT STOP getting along. 

Melt. My. Ever Loving. Heart.

Feb 2011_0260

Then, Cam and I took a walk to the soccer fields to watch a friend coach a soccer game.  We played on the playground and on the walk home we's really frickin' hot out here!  Hot enough for the pool?  Perhaps.

Feb 2011_0270

If you are a crazy 5 year old who is impervious to the cold.  The pool is 68 degrees and we don't have a heater on it yet.  I made it quite clear - "If you go under, kid, and I have to come in and save you,  Momma will not be happy."  Of course, she stayed glued to the wall or the stairs the entire time.  She knew that Momma was serious, cause that water was FAAA-REEE-ZZZ-ING.

As the sun set on Saturday night, and yielded way to an over-scheduled and busy Sunday, I counted my blessings.   Saturday was good for my soul.
Feb 2011_0286

Happy Monday Friends!


LeeAnn said...

I swear Cam and Rylie are two peas in a pod. We were outside yesterday and Rylie said "let's put our feet in the pool". I should have known better. She was soaked in ICE COLD water by the time we were done. She didn't care...she just kept on splashing. I doubt our pool is even near 68. It was COLD!

Glad you guys had a nice weekend!

Mitzi G. said...

Looks like a day of perfection........those days always seem o be few & far between!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I wish it was warm enough here to swim!

Jennifer said...

I cannot believe that you are swimming!! We are still wearing down jackets. We had one or two days were it was almost 60 and it was short lived!! I love that the girls are getting along so well. My boys have been the same way latetly too. But I am sure that will be short lived as well..LOL! Have a great day Carol!

Britt said...

Gorgeous pics! Oh teach me your photography skills!!

TV's Take said...

Fun in the pool - glad she was safe. Love the line that they could NOT STOP getting along. Cute!

Lindsey said...

Looks like a blast! How fun and exciting, cuteness at its best, love it =)

Eastlyn and co. said...

I absolutely live for the non-busy days. Spring break is right around the corner and there's always a toss-up in Texas whether it's warm enough to swim in March. Sometimes the temp has already been in the 80's for a while, but the water is still cool. Sometimes the temps are still cool and the water even colder so we have to find somewhere with a hot tub instead. As a parent I don't think there's any greater joy than to witness your kids loving one another and getting along so well.