Friday, October 1, 2010

Feelin' Trippy....

I'm feeling kinda trippy and not in a 70's, psychedelic kinda way, but more of in a memory lane, nostalgic kinda way. 

I'm not really sure what prompted the feeling.  Maybe it was talking to Camdyn in the car this morning and being completely floored at the things she remembers and how she expresses herself.  She reminds me daily that she is not a baby anymore.  She's a kid, and although she still doesn't listen all that great, she still doesn't stay in her own bed at night, she really is becoming more of a kindergartner than a pre-schooler...already.

And, then there is Chloe Belle, and I look at her and think, when did you get this big?  When did you start putting your shoes on the right feet? 

Of course, I amaze myself because as the girls have managed to grow faster than the mold on the unused hot dogs in my fridge, I have managed to stay completely untouched by time.  It's a miracle really.  I mean, how did I do that?

So, in honor of October, my next favorite month to December, after all, it houses my birthday and Halloween, and the start of the fabulous winter wonderland season. 

Follow me to October 2007:

Camdyn is 21 months old in this picture and she's sporting an outfit she received from Auntie Liz.  I don't know how I remember that, but I do.  She had hair long enough for piggies, which cracks me up because Chloe is so far behind sissy in the hair department.  We mostly referred to her as "Cammer" back then and "Jam Jam."  We've lost those baby nicknames now :( We lived at the old house and had just painted the walls that shade of gray.

This was one of Cam's 1st pony rides.  We enjoyed the pumpkin patch with her sevreal times that year. 
She still loves horses!

She was such a cute fairy that Halloween.  And, oddly there must have ben a cold front that Halloween because she has sleeves on and I've come to know that it is usually Hotter than Sin in FL on Halloween.  So, this is odd.  I think she looks a little like Chloe in this picture.

And obviously, all of these pictures were taken pre-Good Camera days, which makes me wish I had picked up a DSLR in college, but then again, they are a lot more affordable now. 

Well, this weekend, I'll still be working on Halloween costumes, Camdyn is also taking a stab at gymnastics again, so we'll cross our fingers and say a prayer for her attention span.  We will also be welcoming the bestie back in to town, enjoying some time together and, we are doing our annual Halloween photo shoot with my dear friend Bridgette.  I hope she brings all of her talent and a boat load of patience with her on Sunday morning. 

I'll see ya on the flip side!  Happy Weekend, Y'all!


Sassy said...

I do this from time to time. It's very bitter sweet. Sometimes I smile and laugh and sometimes I want to cry. I always say how much I would love to have my older boys back as babies for just one day. Just to remember what it was like. To smell their baby scents and hear their baby sounds again. It's unfortunate how quickly you forget those things. :(

Jennifer said...

So fun to take a trip down memory lane! Sometimes it makes me sad to think about how fast time actually goes. Cam looks adorable with her little pig tails. Can't wait to see their Halloween costumes :)

Eastlyn and co. said...

Can't wait to see the results of your Halloween photo shoot. I think my family has only taken 2 professional pics since my daughter was born 12 years ago, and they were both for the church directory! Sad but true (bad, bad mommy!) Kids really do grow up fast. i want some of whatever you've found that you don't look a day older than your wedding photo (so maybe I embellished on your idea a bit). I seem to have more and more gray hairs sprouting every week. I might just have to dye the whole thing silver and be done with it, but then I might just be mistaken for someone's grandma, and I'm not quite ready for that--not to mention I've never colored my hair before and silver is a tricky color to get right. It would probably turn into a bleached blond looking afro-type do which would so NOT be a good thing. Just give me a dose of whatever it is you've found, honey, and I'll call it a day! I think Cam looks a little like Chloe in the pony picture, too.