Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Weirdness

Mondays are weird and so is this post. Here are a few pics and a little commentary on what's going on in our world:

Abby and Chloe are literally "hanging out" at the park on MLK day. At 10 months I'm just now starting to feel Chloe's weight when she's in the the Baby Bjorn. Her days in it are definitely numbered, that, or daddy will have to start wearing her! Chloe is wearing an outfit that Miss Jillian gave to Camdyn. Camdyn wore it at 6 months.

There's nothing sweeter than belly laughs and Chloe is all about them these days.

Chloe is clapping with binkies in her hand while she plays in her crib. We tried to take the bumpers out of her crib, but then the binkies fall on the floor. She has also gotten her wittle wegs stuck between the rails. So, the bumpers have to stay for least until she is pulling up to standing.

Chloe is blowing bubbles at the park. I love this picture not only because the background is blurred and the focus is on the pretty baby, but because her cheeks look just as kissable as they are in this picture! I probably kiss her cheeks 50 times a day!

Well, the men have made it a habit of golfing on Sunday mornings, so the women bring the kids to church. Here's a picture of Abby and Liz doing church with us 2 Sundays ago. Abby is such a good baby during the service. She just politely falls asleep and wakes up just in time to sing at the end.

Camdyn playing at the park on a cold day! We recently found out that Camdyn has 4 wiggly teeth inside her head. This was fairly traumatic for me, as I assumed that they were falling out of her head due to decay. It turns out that she is just going to lose her teeth earlier than her peers. This might require her to wear a permanent bridge so that her speech development isn't impacted by the holes in her mouth. Good thing for dental insurance!

Camdyn's 4th birthday came and went with just a little "ta-do." I had intended on throwing her a party and celebrating her birthday with some flare, but it didn't happen. When we travel over Xmas it makes it really hard to get a party planned when we get home. We did sing to Camdyn on her birthday and she got to open a few presents. I intend on incorporating her birthday party with Chloe's when Chloe turns 1. I guess having it 3 months late is better than not at all.
At Camdyn's 4 year old well visit she weighed in at 41 lbs and 41 1/2 inches tall. I neglected to ask what percentile she's in, but I'm guessing 90th. She has better than 20/20 vision and she really had Dr. Meyer laughing, especially when he asked her to touch her toes and instead of bending at the waist, she squatted. No shots this year, that'll happen next year before kindergarten. It was actually an enjoyable visit.

Here the girls are celebrating Camdyn's 4th birthday. I love how Camdyn has a hand on Chloe so that she won't fall off the table. Don't worry, Papa Rick's hand is on Chloe too, it's just hard to see. Happy 4th Birthday, Miss Camdyn!

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