Friday, February 19, 2010

Chloe is 11 months old!

It's hard to believe that this time last year I was counting down the weeks until Chloe's birth. As fast as time went when Camdyn was a baby, it seems to go even faster the 2nd time around. Maybe it is because I am just busier than I used to be, or maybe it is because I have a greater appreciation for the brevity of infant-ness now that I've already seen one child through it. Either way, you just can't keep babies from growing in to toddlers.

So, as is tradition, I took a couple of shots of Chloe this morning to hallmark her 11 month birthday. She was tired this morning and cuddly, and not at all as active as she usually is, but I still got some cuteness out of her. I usually take these pictures at home, but she is so cranky and ready for bed by 6:00 that I knew that if I didn't take them in the morning at school, I wouldn't get them. So, wa-la! We have a new venue for these snapshots!

Chloe's done a lot of changing this month and has added some exciting skills to her repertoire. Chloe can now pull up to standing on any object. We often find her standing in her crib in the morning. She doesn't like getting down from the standing position though, it must not feel good to land on her diaper bottom, so she often looks for help in getting back to her knees. She is also doing "high fives" and can crawl up a few steps at a time, although we do not encourage this. We don't have baby gates up yet.

She's also eating like a horse. We've added avocado to her food list, as well as, sweet potatoes, bread, yogurt meltaways blueberries, squash, and cantaloupe. She will eat just about anything that you give to her. She also had her first sip of juice recently. She got kind of plugged up from all of her solids, so that splash of apple juice mixed with a whole lot of water really got things moving for she enjoyed it immensely! Chloe also is working on the sippy cup, but I'm not going to force it on her when she turns one like I did with Camdyn. She'll keep the bottle until she is ready to let go of it, or until she gets to be 18 months old. Baby girl still has only her bottom 2 teeth, but the top two are making their decent. We can just see the white spots as they begin to poke through her gums.

For her stats, she's 16 lbs, 13 oz., which means she's only gained 3 oz this past month. Now that she is more active we are seeing a slow down in her weight gain. She's still wearing some 6 month clothes, but mostly 9 month gear seems to suit her just fine. Oh, and the biggest news, is that Chloe is finally sleeping 12 hours all night, EVERY NIGHT! The broken sleep was robbing me of my sanity, so we had to make a drastic change. I started by down right cutting out Chloe's 3 am nursing session. I changed her 12 am session to formula. We started with 6 ounces and then worked our way down to 4 oz, then 2 oz, and then she just stopped waking up for food altogether. This process only took 10 days and I think everyone in the house is so much happier, including Chloe! She had me played for a fool for a long time and we should have done this months ago, but better now then when she is 18 months old, right?

Here she is in all of her 11 month cuteness!

I love that she is my binkie baby and my blankie baby!

Chloe crawls through the Choo Choo Train on her own and gets down

without falling. Her teachers were surprised and impressed that she made that

venture all by herself!

So precious!

Camdyn plays in her classroom this morning with Chase

Who says that moving has to suck? Okay, I do! It sucks, but at least

the girls love the boxes!


Liz & Jim Johnson said...

Love the new pics.... no more pigtails for Chloe??

Left you an award on my page.... come get it!

Carol said...

Hahaha! I need to try that again, maybe when the Chloe and Abby get their pics taken together.

I'll pick up my award soon :)