Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chloe is a Crawlin'

My first response to this was a big giant "HOORAY" and ear to ear smiles. At almost 9 months, Chloe looks as cute as a button as she tries to figure out how to move her knees and her hands at the same time and inch herself forward. I was able to get her first crawl on video (both on my digital camera, video camera, and phone) and witness her little mind processing her achievement first hand. Chloe was so excited and proud that she kept attempting the crawl over and over and over, with a wide smile and the cutest coos. When she got to where she wanted to go, she would look up at me and Chris for approval. It was too cute for words! When Camdyn started crawling she just took off....there was no hesitation, not timid motions, she just motored on. Chloe isn't quite as brave or strong, so it's fun to see her do it her own way. Not to mention, that Chris missed this phase with Camdyn (he was playing baseball in Canada when Camdyn started crawling). What fun!

My second reaction was "Oh no." This means that Chloe is going to become completely enthralled with exploring her world and she is no longer going to LOVE to be HELD. She's going to prefer to be on her own and the independence of toddlerhood is going to rush in. Her baby days are really numbered! I'm a little sad about this. I don't want to hold her back or force her to stay my baby, but it's sad to think that I probably won't ever witness this exact moment with a baby again. Life keeps moving forward and there are still plenty of firsts to tackle.

** Will post the video soon!

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Liz & Jim Johnson said...

It's so exciting that Chloe has reached yet another milestone. Camdyn and Chloe really are totally different children!!! Cam is definitely the brave, without hesitation type still..... and Chloe will probably be the more quiet, timid child. One thing is certain.. they are both cute as can be!! :)