Friday, November 13, 2009

Camdyn FLIPS out!

Camdyn went to gymnastics last Saturday and the class was deserving of a few blogging blurbs.

Here's Camdyn walking on the beam, sporting her Jane Fonda head band and leg warmers (yes, it dropped down to 75 and the leg warmers were completely necessary). Ironically, Flash Dance music was playing in the background....kinda funny. She is not scared of the height of the beam and walks rather quickly doing her "leg kicks" across it.

Chloe was chillin on the floor and cheering her big sissy on...okay, so really she was just drooling

Camdyn's teacher gives her a pep talk before attempting the flip and Camdyn is more interested in the big girls who are doing their floor routine next to her

Camdyn jumped up in to this position on the bar by herself....IMPRESSIVE!

Tuck and Roll baby...Tuck and Roll!

And for the final step....

Wa-La! Camdyn did a flip over the bar!

That was fun! Aren't you digging the shutter speed on my new camera? I couldn't have captured that with the old one!

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