Monday, November 2, 2009

The Annual Halloween Photo Shoot

Ahhh, so Halloween has passed and now it is time to gear up for my favorite time of the year! This year we managed to squeeze in 3 separate trips to Pumpkin Festivals, Boo Fest trick or treating, the Harvest Festival Parade at school, Carved a Pumpkin, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, and then the main event - Halloween get together with friends and Trick or Treating. I took sooo many pictures and I couldn't post them all. Thanks for having us over, Jessi. We really enjoyed year if you could do something about the heat, humidity and mosquitoes, I'd appreciate it! :)

The best part of Halloween is watching it through the eyes of your children and...feeling like a kid again :)

Camdyn with Miss Vanessa & her Best Friend (on most days) Madison. Camdyn adores Miss Vanessa and was hanging all over her during the Harvest Parade. They are so adorable!

Family Photo from the Pumpkin was sooo hot! I miss the cool fall weather, apple trees, hot apple cider, fresh doughnuts, pretty leaves this time of year...unfortunately, by the end of November that feeling is gone and Florida weather suits me just fine.

Every Halloween Season for the past 3 years, I've taken Camdyn to Sears to have her photos taken in her costume. It's a tradition for me and a hallmark event where I can compare the pictures every year and see just how much she has changed (plus, I get a reminder of what she wore). So, this year due to a snafu with the tutus I ordered online, we did the pictures on November 1st. I was a little stressed over this since our last photo shoot 3 months ago was really stressful; Camdyn wasn't cooperating, Chloe was crying and I was so frazzled. This time around, the opposite happened. Camdyn was so well behaved that Chris said, "What's wrong with her? Who's kid is this?" That's a good thing! Cam smiled and posed and did her best not to scare Chloe. Chloe sat upright (for 1st professional shoot) and smiled and just looked absolutely adorable. So, the pics turned out better than we expected, we spent more money than we had intended, and we just enjoyed ourselves. This 2 kid thing just may be do-able after all!

Look at those cheeks!

Sleeping Beauty and her fairy godmother

Heaven Sent - what a gift!

I can't get over how big she is getting...she looks like she is ready for Kindergarten!

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