Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Taking the World by Storm on 12" wheels

Last Tuesday night I asked the Hubs to take the training wheels off of Cam's much too small bike.  He grabbed his tools and together they sat down to work on the project, and five minutes later it was complete.

We spent 10 minutes that evening helping Camdyn learn to ride her bike.  We would walk next to her with a hand on her shoulder, ready to pull her back to center when she would lean too far to one side or the other.  It wasn't long before she was too hot and too tired, so we parked the bike for the night.

The next evening, I pulled my truck in to the garage and began my usual routine of unloading my bag, purse, backpacks, lunch boxes, and Chloe.  Camdyn asked if she could ride her bike.  "Sure.  But stay close."  I take everything in to the house and get Chloe set up with Dora and a cup of milk and then head outside to check on Cam.  She is standing in the driveway, her bike laying on the ground beside her and she says, "Well.  I have that all figured out."  What?  "You have what figured out?"  I ask.  She proclaimed, "I can ride my bike now." 



And off she pedaled on her tiny 12" wheels. I guess that's the pay off for waiting until 5 1/2 to take the training wheels off. I have to hand it to her...the girl has initiative.

We bought her a bigger bike this weekend.

Well done, Cam. Well done!


Ashley Sisk said...

She's a natural - look at her go!

TV's Take said...

That's awesome! What a big girl and a real pro.

Lexie Loo, Little Lily, and Dylan Too! said...

Way to go, Cam!!!

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Yeah for Cam!!! I know you are so proud of her.

Jennifer said...

Go Cam, go Cam!! She is awesome. Love that she needed time behind the bushes to get herself together!! I am going to show Christopher, maybe it will give him some inspiration!!

Mama Hen said...

I love the video! Fabulous! That is great you have the sidewalks to practice on. Enjoy your new bike Cam!

Mama Hen