Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Beach

Y'all we had the best weekend and I'm going share bits-n-pieces with you, but I'm going to let LeeAnn do most of the storytelling. 

You see this week we are out of our normal pattern, Camdyn is out of pre-school and going to horse camp 3 days this week, we have Gramma coming to town on Friday, and I'm just trying to tread the water and keep my stuff together. 

So, I'll share a few photos with you, and then hop on over to LeeAnn's blog and read about how our time together went down. 

I'm trying to re-develop an appreciation for the snapshot, so here we go! 

Saturday morning, we met LeeAnn and her adorable family at the #1 beach in the country.  The morning looked a lot like this:



Camdyn's best friend and her family happened to make a morning out of the beach too.  And we were glad to hang out with them, they brought 2 umbrellas and thereby doubled the amount of shade we had to sit under.  Here Camdyn & her Bestie play in the sand.

Bryce was all about the snacks.  He filled up on blueberries and then promptly fell asleep on LeeAnn's lap...for over an hour.  She got to relax, snuggle her baby, and listen to the sounds of the waves lapping the shore.  Talk about heaven on earth!

Then, Chloe Belle and I took turns taking pictures of each other.  Here's my shot.

And here's hers.  No, I didn't take it of myself, I was trying to move her little fingers off of the lens and she pushed the button. 

OMG - I'm a lucky lady :)
Chloe Chris beach

Becky took this shot of me and Chloe together - Love.

Chloe Mom Beach_2

After morning crept in to early afternoon, LeeAnn & her family headed to the hotel for naps, and we headed home for the same.  Then, they came over for dinner and play time.  When I opened the door, the first thing we noticed was that we had dressed Rylie & Chloe in the same exact shirt, and of course since my girls usually coordinate, Camdyn was wearing a similar shirt from the same Gymboree line.  How funny...and it made for a really cute picture!  Notice that Chloe has my point n shoot...

And then the evening was over and we bid our friends farewell.  I was kind of bummed that I never got a photo with LeeAnn...but then I loaded the photos on my computer (including 100+ pictures that Chloe took with her fingers covering the lens) and discovered this:

Chloe took it while we were taking pictures of them.  Not the best shot, but her fingers were out of the way!  It's a keeper.

We had a fabulous time with our friends, and we can't wait to get together with them again soon.  Now, head on over to LeeAnn's blog and read in detail about our time at the beach and see some super cute photos!


Ashley Sisk said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I'm a bit jealous.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

How fun! It looks like a great beach day!
I hope Camdyn is enjoying horse camp this week.

LeeAnn said...

How awesome that Chloe got that picture of us! :-) After we left I was thinking that we should have at least snapped a picture of the two of us. Too funny!

And wow...you got some great shots at the beach. I REALLY need to invest in a better camera.

It was such a fun day, and I am so glad we got to hang out with you guys. Now get your butts up here so we can do it again! :-)

Jennifer said...

I am so happy that it all worked out and that you were able to hang out with LeeAnn and her family. And what a better place than at the beach. I have to say, I see your nice white sand and I am jealous!! Although we have beaches, the sand is not nearly as nice. I had read LeeAnn's blog yesterday and I was cracking up that the girls were wearing the same shirts. You both have good taste..LOL! Too funny that Chloe snapped thay pic with all of you in it...at least you now have one shot of the adults :)

TV's Take said...

How cute and sweet! I love that Chloe is turning into a photographer; just like her momma

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Yay for the beach! You took some really lovely pictures and it looks like so much fun.

Mama Hen said...

I love this post! It looks like a really fun day! Great pictures and you know I love the beach! It is so fun when friends get together! Have a great day!
Mama Hen

Liz said...

Looks like y'all had such a fun time. That picture of you and Chloe is so good - definitely one to frame and put somewhere in the house :) Or in your office ...

The fact that Chloe took that last pic cracked me up. She needs to carry that camera around more often - who knows what kind of pics you'll get! :)

Nessa said...

What a little photo bug!

Sassy said...

This post makes me "homesick". :(

I love that Chloe's been bit by the shutter bug! :)Glad you guys got to have fun with friends!!