Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Something Good - They're Back

The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too!

Ah, Tuesday, the sweet spot in the week where I get to focus on something good.  This past weekend we spent time with Auntie Liz and Abby who were in town visiting home for the weekend.  We spent a part of everyday day together from Wednesday through Saturday. 

We ate out at our favorite cafe, we indulged in late night (okay, it was only 8 o'clock) ice cream together. 

We had a swim date, that also involved pizza, and Popsicles. 
Here Abby & Chloe show off their Puddle Jumpers. Chloe really liked Abby's turtle Puddle Jumper
 and after Abby took it off, Chloe asked to wear it.

They enjoyed the heat and the water, sleeping in their own beds, the sweet tea, and just being home.


We enjoyed their company, the conversation, the opportunity to switch baby dolls and share (which the girls did a pretty good job with), and having friends over.

Note:  This photo was wrecked, and it still kind of is.  Before I edited it, the top half of the photo was completely blown out due to the bright sunlight.  I found a button in LR that said Filter and I ended up filtering the top half of the photo and dropping the exposure and brightness.  This made the water turn black, but hey, you can see faces now.  One day I'll figure this out...baby steps.  Tips anyone?

It was so nice to have them home for the weekend.  To have some adult time together on Saturday night, without kids and to enjoy a ballgame, a concert, and a great meal with new and old friends. 

And, I think the Littles enjoyed it too.  They are too little to communicate that they miss each other, but Chloe has been asking for Abby and her baby doll every day since Friday. 


Our friendship has bloomed... and theirs is blossoming.

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Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Such cute girls!! I really like the puddle jumpers. I have been thinking about getting each of my boys one. We are going on vacation soon and I have been looking at different life jackets that they can use. What do you think about the puddle jumpers?

LeeAnn said...

Great post! I'm so glad you guys had a great time together. I saw that Liz was coming home and figured that Chloe (and you) would be happy about that.

I still have to get one of those puddle jumpers...at least for Bryce.

Liz said...

Glad we were a part of your "something good." I really enjoyed the time that we spent together ... and I'm already missing home!!! Thanks for posting pics, even though they did contain bathing suit pics which is usually not acceptable... haha. I'll let it slide this time!!

That last pic of the girls is so cute. I love how Chloe has her hand on Abby's leg.... adorable!

Cole said...

They look like they're having so much fun! Mommy won't let me wear swimmies or anything like that, but I love swimming with Mommy and Daddy! We live in the north, so it will be another month or so before the outdoor pools open, but we'll be there every day when they do!

TV's Take said...

Love that last pic with the popsicles. You can tell they are really having fun together. HOpe your week is going great. Like the garage dinner/paper plates comment - cute!

Nessa said...

swimming + popsicles = perfection.

Jennifer said...

I love that the little girls got to bond and so did the 'big' girls...LOL! It is awesome that you and your bestie have kids the same age and that will grow up together and hopefully have the same bond that you two have!!

torie@Life With Rylie said...

Love the pictures! Wish Rylie and I could hang out with you guys!