Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Mompetitors = Moms who Compete with One Another

I think that most of us can probably identify wth Mompetition.  I find myself in this scenario A LOT.  Often it is by accident, I'll mention that my Little just did something new, and another mom will mention something new that their kid just did, and we'll be in a "healthy" discussion over the things our kids do or don't do. 

Although, I've found that as Littles grow this sort of conversation becomes rougher and harder to digest, "My kid is going to the gifted school, My kids knows all of his letters, My kid can multiply fractions already..."  The stating of simple milestones morphes into a discussion related to IQ and preschool intelligence.  It becomes a quest to one up each other, or assert some sort of superiority over another mom....or worse....child.  Now, this doesn't happen often, but there have been moments where I've left a conversation, with a true and good hearted, friend, and felt like I had the wind taken out of my sails.  There have also been moments where I've thought back and hoped that I didn't sound like a mompetitor...I guess it goes both ways.

Luckily for me, this has only happend a few times, and I recognize where the conversation is going and STOP it before it gets out of hand....actually, I've found that using Chloe Belle as an excuse to interrupt the conversation works brillantly.  I can't say that "Mompetition is the reason that I don't make mom friends" as the video suggests, because I have an awesome network of IRL Momma friends.  Love you girls!  

My girlfriend Kate over at Kate and Khan shared this video with me.  It's hilarious and pretty much sums up mompetition to the extreme!  

You are welcome!


Liz said...

LOL - that video just made me crack up!!! That is hilarious and SO TRUE!!!!!

Geeze, I sure hope I'm not a mompetitor!

LeeAnn said...

OMG Carol that was hilarious! That blonde would have a field day with me! LOL

I try very hard not to compete. Typically my kids don't do anything early anyway. However, when they do achieve a milestone I am very proud and I tend to go on and on, and I hope that doesn't come off as competition. I'm just proud. (And usually it is because I was wondering if it was ever going to happen.) Rylie did end up potty trained very early and I thought it was funny how many of my mom friends posted Facebook statuses about how their kid was doing so well with potty training as soon as they found out that Rylie was fully potty trained. Damn mompetition. :-)

Mama Hen said...

That video was funny Carol! The sad part is that it can be like that! Every child is unique and has their own God given gift that they will shine with! There should be no comparing! It is sad that it is like this. I think that this mompetition can be felt by the children at times if moms push them too hard to learn and be ahead. Research shows that it will not make a difference in the future, that they will learn in their own time. However, a lot of the pressure today leads to stress in children as they reach their teen years. Thank you for your sweet comment Carol! I appreciate it! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Jennifer said...

OMG...too funny! I am not sure why some moms have to be lke that. We are all proud of our kids and want to share their accomplishments, but to a certain degree. As you know, each child is different and will excel at their own pace. Love that you use Chloe to get out of it...I may have to try that myself...LOL!

Sassy said...

This is hilarious! But what's sad is that it's so true. I have a friend who did that to me when we first had kids. We both have several kids now so she doesn't do it anymore but both of our oldest boys are only three days apart. When they were babies she would call me and ask if my son was doing this or that yet and then go on to tell me how her son was doing it. It used to irritate the crap out of me. lol

themrs said...

i wrote about this recently too. mine was about how facebook has increased this phenomenon. now moms have a much larger audience for how smart, funny, gifted and athletic their kids are! not to mention what supermoms they are. that's why i like to talk about how crazy my kids are. nobody is trying to compete for the craziest three year old :)

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

Oh, that is SUCH a funny video... and also so sad because it can be true! But so, so, so funny. Thank you for the laugh. I've already watched it twice! :D