Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines Day Came and Went...

Although Valentine's Day isn't a day we really celebrate with much sha-bang, I should post a few pictures related to the event. This year's V-day was overshadowed by "the move" which is encompassing our life at the moment. Only 9 more days and a week of unpacking and we'll be able to put that behind us....

This year on Valentine's Day I woke up to a dozen roses and a hand made card from Camdyn. Chris asked her what she loves most about mommy and she replied, "her hair." Yes, dear, my hair is the envy of millions....well, at least it is to one little girl! Chris and I exchanged cards and an "I owe you" gift. Who knows if we'll ever actually buy them for each other, but, hey, we thought about it which is just about the same thing. I gifted him with an imaginary Wii and he gifted me with a new set of Stainless Steel pots and pans. No shopping required, we'll buy them when we buy them (probably after the move).

Here are some highlights from Vday week!

Camdyn had a dental appointment on Thursday morning. She cooperated after some coaxing and the realization that she would not get a toy from the dentist's surprise toy chest if she did not allow her teeth to be cleaned. After the successful cleaning, I took her to Starbucks for some chocolate milk and a piece of pumpkin loaf bread. Clean the teeth, then apply sugar. It makes perfect sense to me!

Playing at the park after school

I love how Camdyn is the monkey in the middle and both Abby and Chloe are looking at her like "What's your problem?"

This sequence of pictures cracks me up (they are slightly out of order because Blogger sucks for loading pictures) but you can still get the jist of it.
Abby shows her displeasure with Chloe as Chloe
attempts to eat a small rock off of the park bench
"Stop that you animal! You'll chip one of your brand new teeth!"

Abby looks surprised that she is sitting by herslef for a second
Chloe is bored with pictures "enough already mom, you alredy got the money shot!"

If only Abby was looking up....

Chloe's money shot

Abby isn't the only one who can sport pig tails!
These are Chloe's 1st pig tails and they didn't last long
The hair above her ears is just long enough to make a teeny
tiny, piggie tail. It's completely ridiculous!

My sweet pea on Valentine's Day night

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Liz & Jim Johnson said...

The comments to your pictures gave me a good laugh tonight... they were great!!!

Love the pigtails.... so funny!!! :)