Tuesday, January 17, 2012

She jumps horses at Laurel Valley Ranch

Camdyn's affinity for horses spans back at least a year and half, and when you are freshly 6 years old, a year and a half is a big chunk of your life.  She's been taking private riding lessons since October.  It's something that I thought would eventually wear on her, like swimming lessons and dance classes, and those crowded gymnastics classes at the Y.  I thought it would run its course.  Well, it still is, and it's the one and only thing in life that Cam has ever been fiercely dedicated to.

Hi.  Let me introduce you to Market.  (Initially I wrote Meet Market...but that sounds odd...like meat market, and y'all we are at the ranch not at the gym).

Market is a registered American Quarter Horse, and Cam has only ridden her twice.  It turns out that her trot is smooth and her temperament trusting. 

It turns out that Market is Cam's new favorite horse (so sorry Molly...baby girl is outgrowing you).

Cam's perfecting her 2 point position, she has her crop in hand.  She's focused on the goals ahead.  She's about to turn the corner...

Focus and determination painted across her face, much the same as Market bears her blaze.  She will do this...

And she does; without fear, or doubts, or hesitation.  She jumps.  She's locked in 2 point, hands grasping mane and her crop, momentum forward, looking through Market's ears and focused on the end of the course.  2 jumps completed, one right after the other. 

This is her success. 


Actually, no, this is our success.  Our success in raising one extremely independent, bold, and fearless little girl. 


A little girl who is able to start recognizing her dreams.  A little girl who has parents who support her and her passions even though there are moments where it absolutely scares the bejezus out of me (and yes, she's already fallen off a few times).


And this part of parenthood...you know the part where your children start becoming little people, with long term goals, feelings that they adequately communicate, and real accomplishments...makes me so excited about what the future holds. 

We are going to tackle these rails together, Camdyn.  One hoof in front of the other, eyes focused on the goal....we are going to do it.


Ashley Sisk said...

It's so great that she's found something she can be passionate about - isn't that what parenting is all about? Love these photos.

Liz said...

You are right about Cam being bold and fearless ... this Mama was nervous to ride a PONY when Abby was smaller, let alone a full sized jumping horse!!!

You should be so proud. She is an amazing kiddo !

Casey Martinez said...

My mom loved horses growing up and after I moved out at 18 they moved away and she got two horses and my two much younger sisters are big horse lovers too as a result. Horses are a big part of our family and they are such beautiful animals! So special to see your daughter enjoying them also and beautiful pictures of her riding! Yup, one hoof at a time! That is how we do it:).

Caterina said...

Wow! I cannot imagine watching her. It must make you BURST WITH PRIDE.

And, like always, reading your blog makes me tear up or cry :') *sniffle, sniffle*

TV's Take said...

Yay Cam! She looks like such a pro up there. You have definitely done an awesome job with her. Love that feisty spirit!

Jennifer said...

Those shots are amazing!! She looks like a pro already. I have told you this before....she has more courage than I because I would be terrified of that horse. It is great that she has a real passion. I don't see this one ending anytime soon. And although there may moments of terror upon you, she is living a dream and that is amazing for a 6 year old!

LeeAnn said...

You know that I LOVE this! I am sitting here smiling ear to ear looking at these pictures. Jumping horses was such a passion for me, and it is thrilling to see Cam going over those rails. I can't wait to show these pictures to Rylie!

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Wow she seems so young to do all that. That is amazing. It brings tears to my eyes thinking of how proud you most be of her. There is nothing better then having pride in our children, the feeling sometimes is unbearable it is so big.

Hugs to you and CAM and Way to Go!

Warren Baldwin said...

Cool. I wish we had taught our kids to ride. Great family time. And these are great photos!

Your statement: "And this part of parenthood...you know the part where your children start becoming little people ..." Is so true. Cheryl's and my "little people" are not so little anymore. A week ago I walked the aisle again, this time leading my daughter down it. Wow, that was fast! Have a few pics up on the last two posts.

Good post.

Nessa Bixler said...

That last photo makes my mommy heart freak out a bit... but look at her! What an amazing little girl. And that horse is a beauty... great choice Cam!

Mama Hen said...

Wonderful Cam! It is amazing how our children at such a young age can have such a strong conviction to do something and go for it with determination! I realy do hope our girls can meet one day! I would really love to get them writing to one another. Who knows, maybe one day they will ride some trails together. I still hope to meet at the Rocking Horse Ranch one day. Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Oh, Cam, way to go! I remember the first time I ever jumped. It's such a thrill. She is a natural!