Monday, November 21, 2011

A Miracle to be Thankful For

This is Mr. G.  He is the student teacher in Camdyn's Kindergarten classroom this year.  Mr. G decided to change careers and follow his true passions in life, learning and children.  He beams in the classroom and it shows, the children adore him, and he almost always has one, or five, glued to his side.

Just a few days after this photo was taken of Mr. G dressed as an M&M for Halloween, he suffered a massive stroke.  One so dehabilitating that the doctors said there was nothing they could do.  We were informed of this on Halloween night and told that his chances of survival were slim.  Our family began to pray.  Camdyn would pray for Mr. G every night.  Grief counselors were brought in to talk to the children about Mr. G, the hospital, and death (as frightening as that sounds). 

But, a miracle happened.  The swelling and bleeding in his brain subsided, he was moved out of ICU, and rehab therapists were bought in.  At this point he wanted to see children, so Camdyn and I made a trip to the hospital with one of her classmates.  They were shocked and overwhelmed, he didn't look the same, he could not speak, and he looked pale and frail.  His therapist asked the girls to sing "Happy Birthday" with him, and he would sing along.  He tried, but no sound came out.  The girls left the hospital that day talking about how much they love Mr. G.

A week later, and Camdyn is begging to see Mr. G again.  We make another visit with the same classmate and are astounded at his progress.  This week he is wheeling himself down the hallway.  He is holding the Potato Turkey that Cam made him in his hand, and he is grinning the biggest half grin we've seen; his color is back, his soul is shining.  This time when they sang "Happy Birthday" Mr. G sang along and LOUD too.  I was brought to tears.  What a miracle this man is!  He surely has more work left to do on this earth. 

Last Thursday, Camdyn's class had a Thanksgiving feast in their cafeteria.  Afterwards, the parents were invited to the classroom to watch the children perform their Thanksgiving songs and eat dessert.  It was then, that I saw this: 


A piece of artwork depicting what Camdyn is Thankful for.  1.  The Ranch  2. Natr (nature  - OMG cute!)  3:


Mr. G.  She drew him lying in his hospital bed.  When I saw this I had to blink away the tears, I pulled out my camera, my heart swelling with pride.  Her teacher saw me photographing her art and said, "She's the only one in the class that thought to put him on there" and then she began fanning away tears. 

My girl has a big heart. 

These are indeed great things to be thankful for, and now we are hoping that Mr. G., will be a walking and talking Christmas miracle. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!


J.Mo said...

Oh, that brought me to tears! How sweet of Cam! I will add Mr. G to my prayer list

Jennifer said...

OMG Carol...I just got chills. I can't believe Cam put him on her artwork! She has such an amazing heart and soul. You should be so proud of her! I will continue to pray for Mr. G!

TV's Take said...

How sad! I must say this is the 3rd story similar to Mr. G's. Massive stroke, swelling and bleeding but eventually they pulled through. Sounds like he's got a great support system. LOVE the sweet picture from Cam. She does indeed have a HUGE heart. Have a great Tgiving!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

That story brought tears to my eyes. What a miracle, and what an amazing little girl you have!

Casey Martinez said...

wow! This post really choked me up. Praying for continual progress for Mr. G. Sounds like he has made a big impact on the kiddos and I hope he is able to make a full recovery in Jesus name!!

Mama Hen said...

What a big heart your baby girl has just like her mommy. Wishing you peace.

Mama Hen