Monday, September 19, 2011

To Chloe - 2.5

Sept_2011_0003-1-2Dear Chloe Belle,

Funny. As I type your moniker I think of your little voice saying "No. My name is Chloe!" You aren't too keen on your nickname anymore, and are often quick to tell us your full name, which sounds like such a mouthful coming from your little lips.

So, here we sit at 2 1/2 and things aren't so black and white anymore. There is this element of predictability that is nice, or convenient or maybe both with babies. In toddlerhood, that fades, and we are now in the phase where we never know what is in store for us.

Sometimes in the morning, you detest wake up time. I can sing the Good Morning song to you and you scream for me to leave the room. You cover your head with a blanket and wish to hold on to the darkness.  Other times, you wake smiling and singing along with me. It's a crap shoot, really.

The same is true at bedtime. Sometimes you stall, and you want to read one more story. You cry and flail and make a huge production when it's time to shut off the light.  Other times, you willingly shut the light off and then crawl in to my lap only to say 5 seconds later, "I go to bed now."  Either way, gone are the days of contented rocking in the chair.  I still try.  Every night I try, but rarely does it result in one or both of us falling to sleep.  It's still my favorite part of the evening though.

Developmentally, you are progressing, growing, and learning just as you should be.  You know all of your colors, you count to 20 in English, and to 12 in Spanish.  You are interested in learning your letters and often recognize, A, B, O, C, and S without hesitation.  You engage in pretend play right along side your Sissy now, who you prefer to call Camdyn instead of Sissy.  You both like to sit at the kitchen table with your stables and toy horses and play at length.  Your horses have conversations just like Cam's do, it really is the sweetest thing.

Your potty training is nearly complete.  You've been in big girl panties during the day since you turned two, but it's taken awhile to get comfortable with the deuce.  You still prefer a pull up for that business, but we are getting away from that now, and your pull up days are numbered.  You really were a breeze to potty train.

Your favorite things still include your blankie, your paci, baby, and your crib.  Oh, how you love your crib.  I speak of getting you a "big girl bed" often, but you aren't having it.  You love your crib.  Honestly, I love your crib too.  I love knowing you are safely confined in it, I love that you get good rest while you are in it, and that you don't have the temptation of toys to interrupt your sleep.  You can have your crib...for another six months.

As much as you have changed over the past six months, some things are still wildly the same.  You are still a screamer.  When you get really frustrated, embarrassed, or really mad, instead of using words, you just scream...scream at the top of your tiny lungs.  A few weeks ago, you were playing at a party and bumped your head on a metal railing.  When I asked you if you were okay, you simply screamed at me.  I tried to comfort you, but to no avail.  You screamed louder.  I began to stifle a laugh because you were really causing a scene, and when I could no longer contain my laughter, you really got mad, and took the scream to a whole new level.  I finally had to have Daddy come over and help you regain your composure while I walked away.  I know why you screamed.  You screamed initially because you were hurt, and then you were embarrassed, and then you were just flat out mad that I was laughing at you.  I'm sure bystanders mistook your scream for a tantrum, but I know the reason.  I know you.

While you've found your gentle hands, and your words in most cases, you still have that big, giant voice.  You have that ability to stand up for yourself and to make your desires known.  You are fiercely independent and headstrong.  You are testing the waters, dabbling in disobedience, it's the natural course, really.  It's what you are supposed to be doing as you figure out right from wrong and consequences.  But, you are also sweet as spun sugar; helpful as the day is long.  You love to snuggle in front of the TV, help me pick up toys and unload the dishwasher.  You are caring and motherly to friends that get hurt. 

You are the calm and the storm.   

And I am happy to weather both.

Love you Forever and Always,


Nessa said...

Happy half birthday! Love that... your calm and your storm, that hits home with this monster mommy.

Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos) said...

This is so sweet! And that last paragraph sounds so much like my Levi - fiercely independent and headstrong... but also so willing to help. The calm and the storm... such a beautiful description of a beautiful little girl!!