Thursday, June 9, 2011

One more time...

My kids are getting older.  Now, they aren't old by any means, but the moments spent rocking and soothing children to sleep are few and far in between. 

I always cherished the times when Chloe Belle would fall asleep in my arms in the rocking chair; the sounds of her baby breath, the rise and fall of her chest, the heaviness of her toddler weight as I lifted her in to her crib.  Those moments are now a rarity.  More often then not, I'll start to rock, I'll kiss her cheeks, and close my eyes, and before I completely relax a little voice will say "I go bed now." 

And it's over. 

I sit her up, lay her down, whisper my Love You's and Good Nights, and shut the door. 

In the blink of an eye the hallmark of babydom became a memory....until she got sick.  This past Saturday Chloe caught a bug which resulted in a few vomit episodes and a tummy ache.  We spent most of the day at the house watching Dora and relaxing.  And for about 20 minutes, she snoozed on my chest before she woke up and asked for more Dora. 


Not that I would ever wish a tummy ache on a child, but it sure was nice to have that feeling back, even for just 20 minutes. 


(note: The hubs picked up my camera and snapped the first photo.  It was set on manual and came out horribly, so I had to edit it back to decency.  The second one he took on Auto and I had a hard time getting my edits to match...this irks me.)


Tamara said...

Those are the sweetest pictures!!! I hope she's feeling better?! But I agree - cuddling to sleep is such a rarity these days, it's kind of nice when it happens no matter the reason.

PS. In 20 years, you won't mind the edits - I swear :) They're lovely as they are!

Bridgette said...

So sweet!
I didn't even notice the photo quality ...all I noticed was how lucky you are to be in them!

Jennifer said...

Moments like that are becoming much more rare in our house too :) As much as we want them to grow up and learn and explore, we want them to stay young forever! I hope her tummy is better. And I have the same Old Navy t-shirt..LOL!

Ashley Sisk said...

How sweet - I don't even know those moments yet but I can't wait.

Nessa said...

Oh I miss the sleeping-on-you baby moments too... love that you caught them in photos.

Mom of 12 said...

Such cute pics! I love baby moments.

Mama Hen said...

Oh the poor little baby! It is so nice to be able to snuggle up with our little ones. The pictures are so cute! I hope all tummies are feeling super this weekend!

Mama Hen

Sassy said...

How sweet. My last two babies both preferred to fall asleep on their own istead of being held. :( I miss holding sleeping babies. It happens sometimes...but it's rare. Glad you got some sniggle time even though Chloe was sick.

PS I didn't even notice the picture quality. Or the edits. I was distracted by the cute little girl and her beautiful momma! :)