Friday, January 7, 2011

If you are looking for me, you can find me at my wit's end. It's a lovely place, really...

This is my facebook status at the present moment.

It's been a rough week.  It started off splendidly with the celebration of Cam's 5th birthday and then proceeded to go downhill.  A nasty cold that swept through the family, school drama, and just good ole fashioned stress have topped the list of not-so-favorite things this week.  So, while I take a deep breath, indulge in a bubble bath and a few glasses of wine, I remind myself what I love so much about Mommahood and all the stress that come with it.

I think now is as good of a time as any to reflect on Christmas. 

This was the only shot I got of my girls together on Xmas morning.  I admit, I actually didn't take a ton of photos.  I chose to stay in the moment this year, and to see the joy through my own eyes instead of my lens. 
Santa brought the girls a Little Tikes 2-1 dollhouse/playhouse.  This was the perfect gift for them.  Chloe enjoys the house part, going in and out of the door, ringing the doorbell, and setting her babydoll in the built in high chair.  Cam enjoys the dollhouse part (the front part of the house).  She enjoys the doll furniture and make believe play with her barbies...and dinosaurs.
Here Chloe peeks out of the door, and amazingly, Cam can wiggle her entire body out of this door.

Here Chloe snuggles her sock monkey and clutches one of her favorite gifts...a new toothbrush.  It's odd how children often love the simplest things, Camdyn was all kinds of excited that Santa brought her the kind of toothpaste she can swallow (as I only let her buy big-girl toothpaste that you have to spit out).

This is the gift that Camdyn wanted more than anything else this year.  What is it?  It's a Hallmark Ornament.  Specifically, it's Hiccup riding Toothless from "How To Train Your Dragon."  This was one of Camdyn's favorite movies and she wanted this ornament more than anything.  It's so simple and so sweet.

This was the only photo I took of my girls TOGETHER in their Xmas dresses.  It'll do.  I love that you can see the huge bow on the back of Chloe's dress, and I love that their dresses coordinate but don't match exactly.  They looked so sweet in them.

One of my favorite photos of Chloe Belle.  She is clutching Abby's new Bitty Baby and staring up at Gramma standing next to me.  You can just see the hint of her boots peeking out from under her dress.  I love the light and the windows behind her and the fact that she is in the playroom, playing, just as a toddler should be. 

Well, I certainly feel better after thinking about all the joy that was had at Xmas. 

Have a great weekend!


Gretchen said...

For not taking many pictures you got some great ones!

J.Mo said...

Enjoy those glasses of wine and have a great weekend!

Britt said...

I hear ya sister... I've had a rough couple weeks too! Hoping it's just another phase of mommahood!

cooperl788 said...

You got some really great shots! I love the one of the two of them in their pajamas on Xmas morning. They look so sweet! Happy Friday!

Nessa said...

love the picture of them in their burgundy dresses from behind - with the reflection in the window

Jennifer said...

I hope you are de-stressing now. It sounds like you need it after all that you went through this week. I love that you werer 'in the moment' this Christmas. Sometimes we lose sight when we are trying to 'capture' the perfect photo. It is great that Cam's favorite gift was the ornament. See, you don't have to spend alot of money on Xmas! And the two of them in their dresses is beautiful. But why is it that all XMas dresses are sleeveless? I always wondered this. Have a great weekend :)

TV's Take said...

Love the boots in the last photo! Looks like the girls had a great time and KLV also got a new toothbrush and toothpaste - LOVED them. Hope your week goes better or else the wine needs to keep coming.

Eastlyn and co. said...

What a nice reflection. It will mean so much more than a ton of pics with gift wrap strewn everywhere where you can't even see or remember what the actual gifts were. And, as you said, you got to bear witness to all of the excitement with your own eyes instead of throught your lens. Amongst our stocking stuffers are oranges and apples (usually the fancier ones that I don't normally buy) like my grandmother did for my dad and his siblings. It's kind of fun to remember the simpler times.