Thursday, October 1, 2009

32 and Food

It's been an up and down week, probably one of those weeks that you just want to forget about, but there were some moments that I can smile about.

On Sept. 25, Chris turned 32. I can smile about this because I'm still 31, well, at least for another 17 days! We celebrated with a pizza dinner and we made daddy a blue frosted cake. Camdyn loved singing to him and blew out her own candle on a cupcake too. I tried to take a "good" picture with everyone smiling, but Camdyn was acting like such a goof that I finally thought "forget it, I'll just take one of Chloe & daddy." Well, when Camdyn saw that I was taking a picture without her in it, she freaked out. The waterworks started and I realized that it really hurt her feelings. So, we ended up with the picture below. She still was acting goofy, but at least her feelings weren't hurt. Sorry, kiddo. Chris looks so happy with his girls!

Camdyn made this card for daddy's birthday while she was at school. I love the things that she says about him. The peanut place refers to Five Guys Burgers & Fries. They have peanuts there that you can eat while you wait for your food, and Camdyn loves it there. She never eats anything but peanuts when we go. I'm not sure why she said that daddy cries like a baby...maybe she knows something about him that I don't. I'm going to save these pictures and make a book out of artwork!

In my previous post I explained that Chloe has found her feet and that her tongue is always wagging around outside of her mouth. Here's a picture of both at the same time!

Chloe also tasted her first solid food this week. We haven't had time to pull the high chair out yet, so we fed her in her swing. It worked and she didn't mind. She did much better with her organic rice cereal than I expected. She didn't even really push it out of her mouth with her tongue. She seemed to love it. So, she's getting rice cereal every day while she is at school and her teachers say that she really likes it. We are on the slow boat with food, but what's the rush? I'm in no hurry for the kind of diapers that baby food produces! Another milestone down the drain :)

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Dani and Co. said...

How sweet! I love your posts! I can't believe the kids and the husbands just keep getting older...although, you and I are always going to be younger than the men!